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Things happen. Stuff gets lost. People make mistakes. Life interferes with plans. And sometimes students believe an error or mistake was made regarding their application.

In these cases, students have an opportunity to submit an appeal. 

Submitting an Appeal

Before submitting an appeal, spend some time thinking through the situation and gathering information you'll share with us. Talk to other people that may be involved. Find out details about things that did or didn't happen and learn why. Then you'll complete three steps during the online appeals process.

Three-Step Appeals Process

Answer questions about your appeal

When you log into the system, you'll respond to four or five simple multiple-choice items that will help us to understand what kind of situation you are in. Here are some examples:

  • Why do you want to appeal?
  • Which of the following most closely describes the error or oversight?
  • Why do you want the Office of Admissions to reconsider your decision?
  • Who was responsible for the error? (Possible choices: Me, Admissions, Other 3rd Party)

Tell us about your appeal in writing

After you respond to our questions, we'll ask you for details in writing. You'll enter text into a box or upload a document that provides the details.

Here are some of the things you might include in your explanation.

  • Did someone fail to send us something?
  • When did you ask them to do it?
  • When did you realize there was a problem?
  • How did you find out?
  • Who else was involved?
  • What didn't turn out the way you intended?

Upload documents and tell us what's on the way

In some cases, you may need to send us some additional documents or items that support what you've told us in your written explanation.

What should you send? Situations vary a lot, so we can't provide a list of what you'll need in every situation. Plan to send documents that support what you say in your written explanation. (See the Appeals Questions & Answers page for some examples.)

Plan to upload most items. Submitting items through upload while logged into the appeals sytem will get them to us more quickly; and the quicker we have your information, the quicker we'll be able to respond to your appeal.

Items you can't upload. Some items can't be uploaded. They might need to be official or to come to us from someone other than yourself—test scores are an example. But even though you can't upload them, we need to know they're coming. So in the appeals system you'll tell us what's on the way. 

See the Appeals Questions & Answers page for more about supporting documents, including some examples of items students often send with their appeal.

Items needed to complete your application. In addition to the items you submit in support of your appeal, be sure that all your admissions application items are in our office when you appeal. If you appeal because your transcript didn't get sent to us, for example, be sure to get it to us now. If we approve your appeal, we'll need a complete application to make your admission decision.

To submit an appeal, use your UT EID and password to log in to the Appeals System:

Application Appeals System

What Happens Next

After you submit your appeal, the committee will consider and make a decision about your request. Track the status of your appeal by logging in to MyStatus and checking the Appeals tab.

See the Appeals Questions & Answers page for additional information.

There is no guarantee that any appeal will be approved or that any specific factor will increase the odds for an appeal to be approved. As is the case with the admissions process, appeals will be considered holistically and in conjunction with the needs of the university.

Continuing with Other Plans

If you submit an appeal for the summer or fall semester, you should take the steps required to continue with admission and enrollment plans, either at UT Austin or elsewhere.

May 1 is the deadline many universities have for admitted students to accept admission; it's also the CAP agreement deadline for some UT System universities. You should not put off accepting another offer until you hear about your appeal decision. It may be too late for you to do anything at that point if your appeal is denied.

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