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The University of Texas at Austin

About UTEP

Located on the border between the United States and Mexico, The University of Texas at El Paso has been a leader in higher education since its founding in 1914. UTEP students live and study in the world's largest bi-national metropolitan area, pursuing cultural, social and academic opportunities not available on most university campuses. UTEP has received national acclaim for innovative programs in business, fine arts, education, the humanities and health sciences.

Financial Aid

Financial need is determined once you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may pick up a paper FAFSA from your high school guidance counselor or you may request that an application be mailed to your home by calling 1-800-433-3243. If you haven't done so already, you may file an application electronically on the FAFSA web site.

If you applied for financial aid for UT Austin (by completing the FAFSA) but plan to attend UTEP as part of the Coordinated Admission Program, you must make certain that UTEP is authorized to receive your FAFSA information. If you did not originally designate UTEP to receive your information, you can make the correction to your FAFSA in one of several ways:

Options for Correcting Your FAFSA


Log in to your FAFSA at and select the Make FAFSA Corrections option.

You will need a Federal Student Aid PIN to access and update your FAFSA information online. If you don't know your PIN, visit the Federal Student Aid PIN site for help.

Paper Student Aid Report (SAR)

If you have your paper SAR, add UT El Paso’s FAFSA school code (003661) to the section where you can make updates/corrections. Sign the report and return it to the address indicated for corrections.

Phone Correction

Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.

You will need the Data Release Number (DRN) printed on your SAR to make the correction by phone.

It can take up to six weeks for the UTEP Office of Student Financial Aid to process your Student Aid Report and notify you of your aid package. You should submit your FAFSA, SAR and related documents as soon as possible.

E-mail the Office of Student Financial Aid with questions about financial aid at UTEP.


The Office of Scholarships at UTEP offers academic scholarships to qualified freshmen. Many of the scholarship awards are provided by generous contributions from charitable foundations, corporations, community groups and philanthropic leaders.

Incoming freshmen are considered for a scholarship on the basis of their high school cumulative grade average, class rank, SAT and/or ACT scores, and extracurricular achievements (when applicable). Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and are given to the most qualified students.

Apply for scholarships at UTEP and learn more about the application process at the Office of Scholarships site.

On-Campus Housing

UTEP freshmen are invited to live on campus in Miner Village: UTEP's state of the art student housing complex. Miner Village's 12 apartment-style residence halls offer several floor plans, from cozy efficiencies to two and four-bedroom units. Check out floor plans, application information, rates and amenities online at the Miner Village web site.

THEA/Texas Success Initiative (TSI)      

The Academic Advising Center advises students who have not successfully completed the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). The purpose of the Texas Success Initiative is to ensure that students entering a Texas public college or university are prepared for college-level math, writing, and reading-intensive courses.

Placement Testing

The Student Assessment and Testing Office administers all UTEP placement test programs, including the placement tests to determine initial course placement in math, English, reading, English as a Second Language, Computer Information Systems, Spanish, French, Nutrition and other courses.

For information on placement tests, visit our Student Assessment & Testing web site or call 915-747-5009 to find out more details about how you may test out of courses at UTEP.

Math Policy

The TSI test will determine your placement in the appropriate math course at UTEP. The math sequence includes pre-college level courses including three developmental courses, one of which is offered only at El Paso Community College. (View a printable pdf for Math Sequence.) Once a student has taken the initial TSI test, a Higher Level Math Test is available (Calculus Placement Test) for students who wish to demonstrate academic readiness for Math 2301, Math 1411, or STAT 2480.

Approved CAP Courses at UTEP (coming soon)

Many students are interested to find out what courses they can take during their freshman year at UT El Paso. Review the approved UT El Paso course listings (pdf) to find out what courses are available. If you choose to attend UT El Paso as part of CAP, UT El Paso will contact you after you submit your online CAP agreement with information about orientation and class registration. Be sure to consult an academic advisor before making final decisions about the courses you take.

Visiting UTEP

Would you like to learn more about UTEP? You can do just that by arranging a visit to UTEP's beautiful campus. Call 1-877-74-MINER or schedule a tour online.

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