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The University of Texas at Austin

Deadlines for UTSA CAP Agreement and Application Processing Fee

If you select UTSA on the online CAP Agreement, you must pay a $60 application processing fee to UTSA by the close of business (5 p.m.) on Thursday, May 1, 2014. (Agreement deadline for UTSA: April 1, 2014)

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With nearly 30,000 students enrolled in 142 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, The University of Texas at San Antonio has been one of the state’s fastest-growing public universities for much of the last decade.

The University of Texas at San Antonio serves the San Antonio metropolitan area and the broader region of South Texas through programs and services offered from its three campuses: the Main Campus, the Downtown Campus and the Hemisfair Park Campus, home to the Institute of Texan Cultures. The university’s three campuses provide access and opportunity for large numbers of historically underserved students.

UTSA offers 66 bachelor’s, 52 master’s and 24 doctoral degree programs. As the University moves forward, it remains dedicated to its commitment to access and excellence in education.

Paying the UTSA Application Processing Fee

If you select UTSA when completing your online CAP Agreement, you must pay a $60 application processing fee to UTSA by Thursday, May 1, 2014.

  • Why a fee?: This $60 application processing fee is for UTSA’s processing of the CAP Agreement. Even if you applied to UTSA previously (perhaps for the fall 2014) and are now also submitting the CAP Agreement, you are still required to pay this $60 non-refundable processing fee.
  • Paying the fee: After you submit your online CAP Agreement, UT Austin will forward your information to UTSA. Once UTSA receives your information, we will communicate with you via e-mail using the address you provided on your ApplyTexas application. The e-mail will include information concerning your myUTSA ID. It will provide you access to your ASAP account, which will then allow you to pay your application processing fee online using a credit card. Please allow ample time for the information to be loaded into our system and for the e-mail to be sent. (This can take up to 5 to 7 business days from when you submit your CAP agreement to UT Austin.)
  • You can pay by check at UTSA's Undergraduate Admission Office at either campus (Main or Downtown) or by mail: :
    Office of Undergraduate Admission
    One UTSA Circle
    San Antonio, TX  78249
  • If paying by check, provide student's name and date of birth or myUTSA ID, so payment can be properly matched to the student's record. 
  • The fee MUST be received by the May 1, 2014 deadline. If your $60 application processing fee is received after the close of business on May 1, 2014, your CAP application will not be processed and you will not be able to participate in CAP at UTSA.
  • What happens next?: Once your CAP application and fee have been processed, you will be mailed an official letter confirming your status as a CAP student at UTSA. The letter will be mailed to the address on the ApplyTexas application you submitted to UT Austin. 

Financial Aid

UTSA’s Office of Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services works to serve students and the community in an efficient, service-friendly atmosphere. They can be contacted by calling (toll free) 1-800-669-0919 or (local) 210-458-8000.

Financial need is determined once you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you haven't done so already, you may file an application electronically on the FAFSA web site.

If you applied for financial aid for UT Austin (by completing the FAFSA) but plan to attend UTSA as part of CAP, you must make certain that UTSA is authorized to receive your FAFSA information.

If you were admitted to UTSA prior to being designated as a UT CAP student and you have been awarded financial aid by UTSA, please note that your financial aid package will likely change based on your UT CAP status.

If you did not originally designate UTSA to receive your information, you can make the correction to your FAFSA in one of several ways (see below), but adding UTSA's school code (010115) to the online FAFSA is the most efficient.

The priority deadline for financial aid is March 15. All new students must be admitted and have a complete FAFSA on file (no rejects) by March 15 to be considered for financial aid. Financial aid awarding is based on availability of funds and demonstrated financial need.

Options for Correcting Your FAFSA


Log in to your FAFSA at and select the Make FAFSA Corrections option.

You will need a Federal Student Aid PIN to access and update your FAFSA information online. If you don't know your PIN, visit the Federal Student Aid PIN site for help.

Paper Student Aid Report (SAR)

If you have your paper SAR, add UTSA’s FAFSA school code (010115) to the section where you can make updates/corrections. Sign the report and return it to the address indicated for corrections.

Phone Correction

Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.

You will need the Data Release Number (DRN) printed on your SAR to make the correction by phone.


The deadline to apply for academic and need-based general scholarships is February 15 each year. First-time freshmen can apply for scholarships at the same time they apply for admission to UTSA at Colleges and departments administer their own scholarship programs and therefore have separate applications with varying deadlines. Check with the college or department to which you are applying to determine which scholarships you may be eligible for and obtain an application.

UT CAP students are not eligible to receive the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship.

Interested in On-Campus Housing?

UTSA encourages students who wish to live on-campus to apply for housing as soon as possible by completing the online UTSA housing application. You'll need your myUTSA ID to submit this application. If you already applied for on-campus housing as a UTSA applicant, it is not necessary to submit another housing application.

How to obtain your Student/BANNER ID

Accessing UTSA Online Services
In order to submit an online housing application and access other secure online services on UTSA's web site, you'll need to know your UTSA student ID number (also called your BANNER ID). This number is different than your UT EID.

If you select UTSA on your online CAP agreement, you'll receive an e-mail from UTSA that acknowledges the university has received your application information from UT Austin and entered your information into the UTSA computer system. This process can take up to a few weeks. The e-mail will include your UTSA student identification number or BANNER ID number. This number will also be posted in the upper right-hand corner of the CAP acceptance letter that you receive from UTSA. The number begins with the @ sign and is followed by eight numbers.  

Housing Options

UTSA University Housing provides convenience in a student friendly atmosphere, where academic success comes first. All our facilities provide roommate matching programs, individual lease liability, and facilities within walking distance to class, as well as shuttle services provided.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Housing Options

On-Campus Housing Process

Selecting Housing: Visit the University Housing web site to receive pricing and floor plan information and to access the housing application for San Saba Hall, Chaparral Village, Laurel Village, University Oaks Apartments, and Chisholm Hall. University Oaks and Chisholm Hall are privately owned and managed by Campus Living Villages and provide on-campus housing for UTSA students. Chisholm Hall is a traditional freshman hall offering a designated community for CAP students.

Roommates: Chaparral Village and Laurel Village allow all students the opportunity to request or choose their roommates. There is designated CAP housing withinn Chaparral Village. University Oaks and Chisholm Hall use their online system to do roommate matching. You may match yourself with CAP students through this system, but it is not mandatory.

Applying: Completing the UTSA general housing application is the first step and should be completed as soon as you submit your online CAP Agreement to UT Austin, if you have not already applied for housing at UTSA. The UT Austin on-campus housing application will not transfer. 

Assignments: Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis according to when your housing contract is received in the office of the residence hall or apartment you select.

For further information, including walk-in tour times, contact the following offices:

Off-Campus Housing

Since many of the off-campus options may be filling as well, all new students would be well advised to make their off-campus housing plans for the fall semester very soon.

The UTSA Student Life Office provides a listing of off-campus apartment complexes (pdf) in close proximity to the campus.

THEA/TSI Information

Under the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), undergraduate students entering Texas public institutions of higher education must be assessed for readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework. Although some students will be exempt, others will be required to take one of the four testing instruments approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. They include:

  • Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)
  • Accuplacer

For detailed information regarding testing and/or exemptions, please visit the UTSA Testing Services site.

If a student is not exempt, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure that scores from one of the tests listed are received by the Undergraduate Admissions office at UTSA. Students will not be able to register for classes unless official test scores are received and posted by the time the student is registering.

Math and Chemistry Placement

Proper placement in math and chemistry courses is critical for students. Please select the sections below for additional information about placement for incoming CAP students at UTSA.

Information about Math and Chemistry Placement

Math Placement

CAP students at UTSA must successfully complete either MAT 1043 (Introduction to Mathematics) or MAT 1093 (Precalculus) by the end of the spring semester in order to fulfill CAP requirements. Failure to do so will render a student ineligible for admission to UT Austin under the Coordinated Admissions Program.

MTC 1043, Introduction to Mathematics, is recommended for students who plan to pursue a liberal arts track at UT Austin (communication, education, social work or fine arts) while students interested in business or the sciences (engineering, math, computer sciences, and natural sciences) should register for MAT 1093, Precalculus, or higher.

Chemistry Placement

Please review the "Chemistry Placement" information on the UTSA Testing Services site for detailed information regarding chemistry placement tests.

Approved CAP Courses at UT San Antonio

Many students are interested to find out what courses they can take during their freshman year at UTSA. Review the approved UTSA course listings to find out what courses are available. (A printable list (pdf) of approved courses is also available.) If you are eligible to attend UTSA as part of CAP and you choose to attend the university, UTSA will contact you after you submit your online CAP agreement with information about orientation and class registration. Be sure to consult an academic advisor before making final decisions about the courses you take.

Visiting UT San Antonio

Learn more about visiting campus at the UTSA Welcome Center site.

For More Information

Visit the UT System Contacts page for UTSA contact information.

The Colleges’ Freshman Advising Center (CFAC) provides academic advising for UTSA students who are undeclared within a college, have a declared major or are participating in UT Austin's Coordinated Admission Program (CAP).

CFAC academic advisors are familiar with CAP requirements and assist students with the selection of appropriate course work that has been approved by UT Austin. In addition, the staff provides information regarding Texas Success Initiative (TSI) compliance as well as math requirements and placement testing information. It is strongly recommended that CAP students address these areas as soon as they decide to attend UTSA. Students who do not meet all CAP requirements, including placement criteria for required math courses, will be rendered ineligible for UT Austin’s Coordinated Admission Program.

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