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Transfer Times - An Online Newsletter from UT Austin
The University of Texas at Austin       Undergraduate Admissions       February 2013

Policy & Process

Transfer Application Deadline Approaches

UT Austin's March 1 summer/fall transfer application deadline is quickly approaching.

Find out more about the upcoming deadline.

Students interested in applying for transfer admission will find a list of transfer application items on Be a Longhorn’s Requirements & Deadlines page along with a printable Transfer Application Checklist.

Using MyStatus to Complete an Application

Once an applicant has started the application process by submitting the ApplyTexas transfer application, he or she should visit the Admission tab in MyStatus ( to view a list of to-do items needed to complete the admissions application.

The list provides customized details based on the individual applicant. For example, in addition to the items all applicants must submit, Studio Art applicants will find a to-do item telling them that they’re required to submit an art portfolio.

To encourage students to take full advantage of the information offered on the site, as the deadline approaches, the Office of Admissions also sends periodic reminder emails to students whose applications are incomplete (and for whom we have a working email address) encouraging them to log in to MyStatus.

Applicants with Fewer than 30 Semester Hours of Transferable Coursework

Some applicants to UT Austin apply for transfer admission while enrolled in the last of their required 30 semester hours of transferable coursework. Such applicants must submit everything needed to complete their application by the deadline—including official transcripts showing coursework completed by then.

Once grades are posted for the courses in which they are enrolled when they applied, these applicants must submit updated official transcripts showing the remainder of their transferable coursework before a decision will be made about their admission.

Visit the Official Transcripts page for more information about transcript requirements.

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Transfer Numbers Update

The number of students who applied for transfer admission, were admitted and enrolled at the university went up a bit from 2011-12.

Find out more about recent transfer numbers.

Although there have been some ups and downs from year to year, the university does admit and enroll more transfer students than it did five years ago. (Source: UT Office of Admissions)


Recent Transfer Admission History at UT Austin

























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Earlier Transcript Deadline for Summer/Fall Applicants Completing Coursework

Students who applied for summer or fall transfer admission to The University of Texas at Austin while continuing to work on transfer coursework should make plans to deliver their final updated transcripts to the university no later than June 1.

Find out more about the earlier deadline.

The new deadline, which goes into effect for 2013 summer/fall applicants, is a couple of weeks earlier than the one the Office of Admissions had in place last year but should still give students time to request and get their spring 2013 transcripts to us after the semester ends. The earlier transcript deadline will make it possible for the university to begin and complete the review process earlier, and thus make and deliver decisions earlier, which will benefit students as they make plans to enroll at the university.

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Admissions Appeals Move Online

The Office of Admissions has created an online process through which applicants can submit appeals regarding some aspect of their admissions applications or decisions.

Find out more about online appeals.

The system was created in an effort to streamline the appeals process and to help the university diminish the time and expense of processing appeals submitted by mail or fax.

The online process guides students through a list of questions designed to help Admissions staff understand what kind of appeal a student is submitting. Students are then asked to provide an explanation of the situation in a text box and are given the opportunity to upload supporting documents. In some cases, they may also need to indicate that they will submit additional items to Admissions through other means. Transcripts, for example, must be official and so cannot be uploaded.

Decisions about submitted appeals are made on a case-by-case basis and are neither likely to be approved nor guaranteed. Additional information about the appeals system and process is available on the Be a Longhorn Application Appeals Process page.

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Reverse Transfer Agreement with Austin Community College to Facilitate Awarding of Associate Degrees to UT Austin Students

Students who transfer to The University of Texas at Austin from Austin Community College (ACC) are now able to complete their ACC associate degree requirements at UT Austin.

Find out more about the new partnership.

As part of the new reverse transfer partnership, UT Austin will automatically provide transfer-student transcripts to ACC, and ACC will notify students when they have met the college’s requirements for an associate degree.

UT Austin and ACC will also review the records of transfer students from the past decade who elect to participate. As a result, hundreds of associate degrees could be awarded to alumni. As is true for all ACC graduates, students taking advantage of this new option must earn at least 25 percent of their credit hours at ACC.

Learn more about the new partnership in a recent posting from UT News.

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Automatic Transfer Admission: Planning Well Can Make the Difference

During the 81st Legislature, Texas lawmakers passed SB 175—a law that offers eligible applicants automatic transfer admission into the state's colleges and universities. Only students who were qualified for automatic freshman admission to a Texas university upon high school graduation are eligible to take advantage of the law, and only if they chose to begin their studies in a Texas community or junior college after high school.

Find out more about what it takes to qualify for automatic transfer admission.

The law has additional requirements that make it important for students to plan well for their studies at the junior/community college they attend. Transfer applicants seeking automatic admission must:

  • Complete the core curriculum at the community/junior college they attend.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a four-point scale.
  • Apply for transfer admission no later than four academic years following the year in which they graduate from high school.

When applying for automatic transfer admission, eligible students must submit documentation showing that they meet these requirements. For example, the transcripts they submit from the community/junior college they attended must indicate that they have completed the core.

Automatic transfer admission for eligible students is available to any of Texas’ public four-year colleges and universities. The University of Texas at Austin has established a process designed to help students think through the requirements and to submit the required documentation.

Students thinking about applying for transfer admission to UT Austin who believe they may qualify for automatic admission should visit the Automatic Transfer Admission page for details.

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Orientation for Transfer Students Highly Recommended

Following recommendations from the Task Force on Undergraduate Graduation Rates, the university is emphasizing the importance of orientation for all incoming undergraduate students.

Find out more about the benefits of orientation.

During orientation students meet with an academic advisor from their major department who helps them select courses that will put them on the path to timely graduation. Getting off to a good start can help students complete their degrees on time—and in the long run can help students and their families to save money. Orientation also helps incoming students to become acquainted with UT Austin and gives them the opportunity to meet other members of the incoming class.

Transfer students admitted to the fall semester begin registering for Summer Orientation in early February each year and select from three orientation sessions held during the summer. Students who are not able to attend one of the Summer Orientation sessions may attend the Late Summer Orientation session held in August, immediately before the fall semester begins.

Students beginning their studies during one of the summer terms may attend Summer School Orientation in early June. Online registration for Summer School Orientation begins in late March.

Incoming summer and fall students must register for orientation. Visit the New Student Services website for more information.

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Important Dates


UTeach: Preparing Tomorrow's Middle and High School Educators

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, college students interested in becoming middle and high school teachers don’t major in Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Instead, these students select Liberal Arts or Natural Sciences majors and take part in a program called UTeach.

Find out more about UTeach.

During their time on UT’s campus, UTeach students combine extensive subject-area study in the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Natural Sciences with rigorous coursework and classroom preparation and training through the College of Education. Those who have gone through UTeach emerge as middle and high school teachers with the knowledge and expertise needed to guide today’s students and manage tomorrow’s classrooms.

What This Means for Transfer Applicants

Students applying for transfer admission to UT Austin who are interested in becoming middle and high school teachers should select liberal arts or natural sciences majors in the subject area they want to teach. In addition, they should plan to make contact with UTeach advisors in the appropriate college.

The advisors are available to help students during all stages of the process—whether they are just thinking about applying for admission to UT Austin or they’ve already been admitted and now realize they need help getting into UTeach. Making contact helps students know what steps to take and when.

For additional information, including advisor contact information and details about how UTeach works, visit:

More about UTeach

UTeach was started in UT Austin’s College of Natural Sciences in 1997 as a way to prepare secondary science, math and computer science teachers. The university’s College of Liberal Arts now offers a similar program called UTeach-Liberal Arts.

The success of UTeach Natural Sciences resulted in the creation of the UTeach Institute in 2006. The institute supports replication of the UTeach program at universities across the country with the goal of increasing the quality of education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM fields).

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School of Journalism Creates Digital-Based Undergrad Curriculum

The School of Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin has created a digital-based curriculum for all undergraduate journalism majors.

Find out more about the new curriculum.

With the new curriculum in place, journalism students study all areas of the profession in a curriculum designed to immerse them in digital media.

The School of Journalism continues to teach the key concepts of traditional journalism, including writing and reporting, photography, storytelling, and the role of journalism in a democratic society. The curriculum overhaul is designed to produce graduates who are literate in various media platforms and prepared to meet the demands of the rapidly changing journalism profession.

Additional information about the announcement is available in a recent posting from UT News.

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College of Communication Opens Belo Center for New Media

The University of Texas at Austin College of Communication's Belo Center for New Media is open for business.

Find out more about the new center.

The new five-story, 120,000-square-foot facility provides interactive classrooms and meeting space for more than 4,200 student communicators and includes lecture halls, auditoriums, student offices, and meeting rooms, as well as spaces for film screenings and conferences for all college departments.

Additional information about the new building is available in a recent posting from UT News and on the Belo Center for New Media page set up by the College of Communication for the building’s dedication.

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New Liberal Arts Building Comes in Under Budget, Larger than Expected

For the first time in decades, the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin and its 10,000 students have a place to call home.

Find out more about the new building.

The building was paid for by the college—a first at UT Austin. The total cost is expected to be less than the project’s initial expected cost, and the building has more usable space than originally planned.

The new building features smart classrooms; a skybridge to the Student Activity Center; designated suites for Liberal Arts Honors and the Plan II Honors Program; an entire floor for the college’s Naval, Army and Air Force ROTC units; and collaborative and research spaces. The building is expected to receive LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Additional information about the new building is available in a recent posting from UT News.

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Around Campus

The University of Texas at Austin Ranked No. 25 in the World

The University of Texas at Austin has moved into the No. 25 position in the 2012-13 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university jumped from No. 29 in the 2011-12 rankings. The university achieved higher scores in all the major ranking categories such as teaching, research, and innovation.

Additional information about the university’s ranking is available in a recent posting from UT News.

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Gage E. Paine Begins Tenure as Vice President for Student Affairs

As of August 1, 2012, Gage E. Paine has returned to her alma mater to take on the role of Vice President for Student Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin.

Find out more about Dr. Paine.

Before making the move back to UT Austin, Dr. Paine most recently served in the same post at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Earlier in her career she was associate dean of students at UT Austin and held similar roles at other universities across Texas.

In her new role, Dr. Paine oversees a unique portfolio of top programs, services and facilities that meet student needs outside of the classroom while helping bolster student success. These areas include on campus housing and food service, medical and mental health care, recreational sports, Texas Unions, and more than 1,000 registered student organizations.

Additional information about Dr. Paine and details about her new position are available in a recent posting from UT News.

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Forty Acres Becomes a Tobacco-Free Campus

As of April 9, 2012, The University of Texas at Austin is now a tobacco-free campus.

Find out more about the new policy.

The new policy prohibits the use of any tobacco products in university buildings and on university grounds within the state of Texas.

The university is relying on education to enforce the new policy and supports individuals who decide to quit using tobacco. Details about the policy, including information about why the university went tobacco free, are available on the university's Tobacco-Free Campus page.

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Inside Admissions

San Antonio Admissions Center Completes Move to New Location

The University of Texas at Austin’s San Antonio Admissions Center has moved to a new location. The center’s new address is:

4040 Broadway, Suite 310
San Antonio, TX 78209

The move also means that phone numbers for the center and for the admissions representatives who work out of the center have changed. Please visit the San Antonio Admissions Center page for details before visiting or calling.

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