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If you're ready to return to UT Austin after an interruption of at least one fall or spring semester, you should apply for readmission as a former student. Even if you left with a perfectly good record, you still have to be readmitted before you re-enroll.

Fall 2005 Visiting Students

Students who attended UT Austin during the 2005 Fall semester because of the hurricane disasters were considered visiting students. If you were a visiting student at that time and are now interested in attending UT Austin as a regular student, you must apply for transfer admission.

Here are some details that will help you decide how to complete the readmission application process.

Details about Readmission

Former undergraduate, same major?

To be readmitted to the same major, apply for readmission using the ApplyTexas Application; be sure to meet the re-entry deadlines.

Our printable Application for Undergraduate Readmission (PDF) may be submitted in place of the ApplyTexas Application. (Paper applications must be mailed or hand-delivered; faxed copies are not accepted.)

Former undergraduate, different major or non-degree status?

To be readmitted to a different major or as a non-degree seeking student, first apply for readmission. Once you're readmitted, follow the procedures for major changes of the school or college you're interested in.

Our printable Application for Undergraduate Readmission (PDF) may be submitted in place of the ApplyTexas Application. (Paper applications must be mailed or hand-delivered; faxed copies are not accepted.)

Former student who withdrew for military service?

In accordance with Texas law and the Texas Education code (§51.9242), a student who withdraws from the university in order to perform active military service will be readmitted for any semester or summer session that begins within a year after the student’s release from active service. The student is not required to apply for readmission or pay an application fee, but he or she must be eligible to register for classes the semester or summer session for which readmission is requested.

This policy applies to students who withdraw for service with the United States armed forces or the Texas National Guard; however, it does not apply to students who withdraw solely to perform one or more training exercises as members of the Texas National Guard.

If you are planning to return to the university, please complete and submit the Notification of Intent to Re-Enroll (PDF 566K). Completing the form is simply a way for you to help the university prepare for your return to your studies. No application for admission or application fee is required. However, late submission of the form could affect the timing of your registration. To prevent delays, submit this form at least two weeks before you plan to register for classes.

Former undergraduate interested in a graduate program?

Follow the procedures for graduate applicants.

Former UT graduate student interested in returning to graduate school?

To continue your previous studies, follow the procedures for graduate readmission. You must be in good standing and obtain the approval of your graduate program's advisor. If you want to pursue a different graduate program, contact the Graduate and International Admissions Center to find out which procedures to follow.

Former graduate student interested in undergraduate admission?

Some graduate students or former graduate students need to enroll in undergraduate courses.

If you are a current or former graduate student who now needs to enroll as an undergraduate, follow these guidelines when applying for undergraduate admission:

Former UT Summer Transient student?

To return as a regular student, apply either as an Undergraduate Transfer Student or as a Graduate Student. To return for another summer on a transient basis, apply as a Transient Student.

Former provisional or CAP student?

If you attended UT Austin as a provisional student but did not successfully complete the program, apply for transfer admission; you'll be considered for admission according to the same standards as all transfer students.

If you participated in the Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP) but decided not to immediately attend UT Austin after the program was complete (whether you successfully completed the program or not), apply as a transfer student.

Left UT Austin because of academic dismissal?

Contact the dean's office of your college to find out if you might be eligible to re-enter.

Academic Fresh Start

If you are a Texas resident, you can apply for undergraduate admission without having course credit and grades from college work that you completed 10 or more years ago be considered. This option is known as Academic Fresh Start and is established as part of the Texas Education Code.

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