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The University of Texas at Austin

Recommendations are not required when applying for admission to the university. However, meaningful information about you from someone who can speak of you as a student/young adult in an unbiased way may help us to make the best decision possible when your admissions application is reviewed.

If you ask someone to submit an admissions recommendation for you:

  • Select someone you know will send us a well-written, sincere, personal recommendation about you as an individual.
  • Select someone who knows you well enough to do more than send a letter that’ll be just like the one they sent for 20 or 30 of your classmates.
  • Try not to select someone who knows you too well to be unbiased (like family members, for instance).
  • Request recommendations (from counselors, teachers, etc.) well in advance so that they (or you) will have plenty of time to get them to us by the deadline.

Recommendations for Honors Programs

Recommendations for freshman honors programs must be submitted using the online recommendation system.

Special Circumstances

Knowing about special circumstances in an applicant’s life sometimes helps an application reviewer to get a clearer picture of an individual applicant's qualifications.

If you’d like us to consider a special circumstance in your life, please submit a letter or Essay S detailing your situation. If you'd prefer that someone else tell us about the circumstance, have that person write a letter on your behalf. Sometimes a letter from a doctor or a counselor is also appropriate when communicating details about an individual situation.

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