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The University of Texas at Austin

When reviewing an application, we learn something about personal acheivements from information on the ApplyTexas application, from essays, from recommendations, and from special circumstances essays/letters.

But we also encourage every applicant to submit an expanded resume. Think of it as your opportunity to provide a complete picture of your activities, community service, honors and awards, and employment. (Some honors programs do require resumes as part of the honors application.)

Tips for Your Expanded Resume

What Matters

  • What you have to tell us matters more than your resume's appearance.
  • Things like spelling and grammar matter, too, of course. But it's not necessary to spend lots of time formatting your resume to look like something you’d submit with a job application.

The Right Details (includes sample resume)

  • Follow the organization of our sample resume (PDF, 24K)
  • Include the details we need, such as the hours per week and weeks per year you spent on each activity.
  • Be thorough. Include details about what each activity involved rather than something general like “community service.”
  • Take time to remember and list everything you’ve done that may help us to see how you’ve excelled. Ask friends and family to review your information before submitting it to make sure you haven’t left anything out.
  • Include all your achievements, not just those that you can’t fit on your ApplyTexas application. Having everything in one place makes it easier for the reviewer to get a clear picture of your accomplishments.
  • If you’re able to list everything on your ApplyTexas application, there’s no need to submit a separate resume. Submitting the same information twice will not make your personal achievements seem any more noteworthy.L


  • Many students submit multiple pages of information about their activities, achievements, and responsibilities. You should do the same if you have that much to tell us.
  • Don’t leave things out so everything will fit on one page (no matter who might try to tell you otherwise).
  • But don’t repeat information or use large font to try to make it seem as though you have more to tell us than you do. We read the information submitted to us carefully enough to look beyond any attempt to exaggerate accomplishments.
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