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A high school transcript submitted by the admissions application deadline is part of your complete application for freshman admission.

  • The transcript you submit should provide rank and high school coursework information.
  • If you've recently changed high schools, you may need to send us a transcript and rank from your former high school to complete your application for admission.

What Makes a Transcript Acceptable?

  • Electronic TREx transcripts: If you attend a Texas public school, you're encouraged to submit your transcript through TREx, if your school uses it. (TREx is a system managed by the Texas Education Agency and available to all public high schools in Texas.)
  • Uploaded transcripts: A copy of an official transcript is acceptable from all applicants through UT Austin's Document Upload System only. 
  • Mailing and hand delivery: Applicants can mail or hand deliver official transcripts to the Office of Admissions (or one of its locations), but paper submissions can slow down processing time. (The Submit Application Items page explains why it's a good idea to use our preferred submission options.)
  • Faxes and emails (not an option): The Office of Admissions does not accept faxed or emailed transcripts.

More about Transcripts

Format for Reporting Rank

If you attend a high school that ranks its students, the transcript you submit should include information about your rank.

  • Format for reporting rank: Rank should be indicated as your numerical position out of the total number of students in your class. For example, if you hold the #5 position in your class of 130, your transcript should show your rank as 5/130. In some cases a student submits a transcript without including his or her rank. In such cases, the Office of Admissions will accept a letter from a school official (a counselor, for example) that indicates the school does not rank its students or a statement from the high school showing the applicant's class rank and class size.  
  • Which semester? Applicants should submit transcripts showing rank for the latest available semester by the application deadline. In most cases, students who apply for the summer or fall semester while they are enrolled in high school should submit transcripts showing rank at least through their sixth semester, or the end of the junior year. Students who apply for admission after graduating from high school generally submit their final high school transcript showing graduation and rank at the time of graduation.
  • Non-ranking schools: If your high school does not rank class members, include with your transcript a statement from your school about its policy, a copy of your school’s profile, and a GPA or grade distribution.

Coursework Requirements

Applicants for freshman admission must meet certain high school coursework requirements. The transcript provides only some of that information.

Transcripts for Home-Schooled Students

Freshman applicants who were home schooled during high school must submit transcripts of their high school coursework.

  • Coursework information: Home-schooled transcripts must list all courses taken at each grade level along with a brief description of the course content; provide information about how each course was taken (in a classroom setting, by correspondence, online, through dual-credit at a community college, etc.); and include the signature of a school official.
  • Official signature: The official who signs the transcript should be the adult person who was primarily responsible for the education of the student; in some, but not all, cases this is the parent of the student.
  • Exemption form: Home-schooled students must submit an exemption form along with their high school transcripts (if they are not exempt based on their SAT or ACT scores).

Transcripts for Admitted Students

Students who are admitted to the University are required to submit official transcripts showing all coursework and graduation from high school. These final transcripts must be submitted through TREx (for Texas public schools) or must be original, official documents mailed to the Office of Admissions.

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