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If you’re looking for more than the usual academic challenge, you may want to apply to one of the freshman honors programs. 

University Honors Center - The University of Texas at Austin

Honors classes are typically smaller and more rigorous than regular classes and offer an atmosphere that encourages intellectual exploration and engagement. Outside the classroom, honors students interact with faculty and fellow honors students in honors residence halls or in the Joynes Reading Room in the University Honors Center. Honors students also enjoy social and recreational activities together, from taking part in special honors dinners to playing on intramural sports teams.

Freshman Honors Programs

Business Honors Program

Priority Deadline: Oct. 15  |  Regular Deadline: Dec. 1

The Business Honors Program (BHP) is modeled after case-based MBA programs. Small classes focus on discussion and presentation, group collaboration and analytical exercises. Robust programming and dedicated advisors provide students with personalized attention and unique opportunities.

If you’re interested in applying to the Business Honors Program and have questions about the program, contact one of the BHP Student Recruiters.

Review the Business Honors Program's Freshman Application Checklist. 

Engineering Honors Program

Deadline: Dec. 1

The Cockrell School of Engineering offers a select group of students the opportunity to participate in the Engineering Honors Program (EHP). The Engineering Honors Program is a non-degree, four-year program which enhances the undergraduate experience by offering Engineering Honors scholarships, access to honors housing on campus, honors faculty mentors, social and cultural events and the opportunity to complete an undergraduate honors thesis.  

Liberal Arts Honors Program

Recommended Application Completion Date: Oct. 15  | Regular Deadline: Dec. 1

The Liberal Arts Honors Program (LAH) is a highly selective program giving motivated students tools they need to change the world. LAH is ideal for students who want the depth of a particular Liberal Arts discipline and the flexibility to incorporate honors classes around their individual interests and career goals. With small classes, top professors and specialized course work focusing on reasoning, research and writing, LAH offers students an engaged academic community. In addition to coursework, LAH students are encouraged to develop career skills by participating in internships and to become global citizens by studying abroad. First-rate advisers will work with students to integrate these opportunities into their college experience, helping them become the next generation of leaders.

Natural Sciences Honors Programs

Recommended Application Completion Date: Oct. 15  |  Regular Deadline: Dec. 1

The College of Natural Sciences' honors programs allow talented and motivated students to take their experience to the next level with an "Ivy League" experience embedded in the richness and resources of one of the largest and most productive colleges of science in the nation. Through its distinguished College Honors programs, students across science disciplines fulfill specific degree requirements and earn special honors designation on their degrees.

Programs include:

  • Dean's Scholars, which is well-suited for students with an intense commitment to science and the research process. The program facilitates students’ efforts to define research interests, pursue laboratory or field research placements and distinguish themselves through original scholarly contributions.
  • Health Science Scholars, designed for students with a passion for health care practice or policy. It enables students’ participation in research relevant to health care and “real-world” learning experiences in health-related settings.
  • Polymathic Scholars, a community of committed science majors whose interests, curiosity and talents extend beyond any single science, or even the sciences altogether. With input from noted faculty, each student designs an interdisciplinary curriculum in a field of study that addresses their topic of interest. 

Within departments in the college, Specialty Honors programs include:

  • Turing Scholars, which challenges the most talented and motivated computer science students with small and intense classes, cutting-edge research and internship opportunities, and excellent placement in graduate schools and industry.
  • Human Ecology's honors programs in Human Development & Family Sciences and Nutritional Sciences, offering hands-on faculty-guided research opportunities in the student's first year, along with personalized academic support through small classes and specialized advising.

Students may apply to both sets of programs by selecting "College of Natural Sciences Honors" on the UT Austin Honors Application.

Plan II Honors Program

Recommended Application Completion Date: Oct. 15  |  Regular Deadline: Dec. 1

The Plan II Honors Program is recognized as one of the most respected and selective honors programs in the country. Plan II offers a strenuous interdisciplinary curriculum in the arts and sciences and the flexibility to incorporate other majors and degrees.

Plan II is a carefully designed core curriculum honors major with very specific multi-disciplinary course requirements and strong emphases on problem solving; critical and analytical skills; and communication skills, both written and oral. The core requirements include the study of literature, philosophy, society and natural science, all in the form in which they have the most meaning for the lives of real individuals. Plan II celebrates the freedom to cross intellectual boundaries and to seek understanding wherever it may be found. Plan II students have explored everything that makes us human in the best sense, from poetry to the latest discoveries in physics or cosmology. Its goal is to prepare students to be ideal citizens by setting their minds on lifelong learning.

The Plan II core includes a year of world literature and a year of philosophy, reading great books. Each student also chooses three thematic seminars on interdisciplinary topics from a wide variety of courses especially designed for Plan II and taught by the university's most distinguished faculty. On the science side, the Plan II core consists of special courses in logic, math, biology and physics. In the social sciences, unique courses on the individual in society reflect the Plan II focus on education for citizenship. The capstone thesis experience allows students to combine areas, topics and fields in unique ways, providing an opportunity to meld an intellectual inquiry that reflects something the student finds personally and intellectually meaningful and compelling.

How to Apply

Honors Programs Application Deadline

Dec. 1

1. Review the Special Instructions page for details about the application process.

2. Submit the online UT Austin Honors Programs Application

3. Complete any additional steps and submit any additional materials required by the individual programs. (These additional steps and materials are listed in the Application Requirements section on the Special Instructions page.)


You must submit the online program application and all required application materials by Dec. 1. Some programs have earlier recommended deadlines that may increase your likelihood of admission to the program. Please check with the honors program of interest for more information.

Spring Admission

Most freshman honors programs only accept students who apply for admission for the fall semester. Students applying for the spring or summer should contact the honors program(s) in which they’re interested to learn more about applying.

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