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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

May I apply to more than one program?

Yes, you may apply to all of the programs for which you’re eligible.

If I want to apply to more than one program, do I need to submit multiple online applications?

It depends.

If you have not submitted your online Honors Programs Application, you may go to the first page of the application and select as many programs as you'd like (and for which you are eligible to apply). Submit your online application, and you'll be considered for the programs you selected.

If you have already submitted your online application and decide you want to apply to one or more additional programs, you'll need to request access to your application so you may make changes.

Is there a paper honors programs application?

No, the application is only available online.

Some programs require additional materials that are not part of the online application. These additional requirements are listed in the Application Requirements section on the Special Instructions page.

When is the Honors Programs Application due?

The online UT Austin Honors Programs Application and all required documents must be received in the Office of Admissions by Dec. 1. Some programs have earlier recommended deadlines that may increase your likelihood of admission to the program. Check with the program of interest for more information.

I'm applying for spring (or summer) admission to UT Austin. Can I apply to an honors program?

No, only freshman applicants applying for fall admission may apply to an honors program.

If you are applying for spring or summer admission, contact the program in which you're interested to learn more about opportunities available to you once you've begun your studies at UT Austin.

I’m applying for transfer admission. Do I use the online honors programs application?

No, transfer applicants should follow the application instructions found on the individual programs websites.

Online Application and Requirements

Why isn’t the honors program I want listed as a choice on the application?

You may only apply to a program (or programs) in the college or department to which you’re applying on your application for admission.

Why can’t I access the online Honors Programs Application and recommendation system?

You must first complete and submit the ApplyTexas application for freshman admission. After your application for admission has been loaded to our computers, you will then be able to access the online Honors Programs Application and recommendation system.

It can take up to 24 hours for us to receive your ApplyTexas application once you submit it, so please be patient. (We know it's hard to wait.)

How do I know if you received my honors programs application and the additional materials that I submitted?

Log in to your MyStatus page (using your UT EID and password) and click the Honors tab to find out what items we’ve received and what items are still missing. It may take 3-5 business days (once we receive your items) to process your materials and update the information in MyStatus.

How do I cancel my UT Austin Honors Programs Application?

If you're no longer interested in any of the honors programs to which you've applied (or even begun to apply), it's not necessary for you to cancel your application. If your Honors Programs Application is incomplete, you simply will not be considered for admission to a program.

However, if you'd like to formally cancel your application for all programs for which you are eligible, log in to your honors programs application and select the "Cancel All Honors Applications" button at the bottom of the first page (Step 1).

IMPORTANT: To cancel an application for a particular program, log in to your application and uncheck the program(s) you're no longer interested in. You can do this in Step 1 of the application.

Save your application by selecting Next Step at the bottom of the page. The application(s) for the programs you unchecked will be canceled.

Do I need to submit additional copies of my admissions application materials (transcript, resume, essays, etc.) directly to the program office(s)?

No. You do not need to (and should not) submit duplicate copies of application materials to the program office(s). All application items for admissions and honors programs should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. All admissions and honors program items (transcripts, essays, resume, letters of recommendation, etc.) are shared with the programs.

I didn’t indicate interest in any honors programs on the admissions application. May I still apply?

Yes, you may apply up until the Dec. 1 deadline even if you didn't originally indicate an interest.

Online Recommendations

Can I submit my own honors recommendation? Do I have to send a request to someone to submit it for me?

If you have a copy of a recommendation someone has written for you, you can submit it yourself using our Document Upload System. Make sure that you have an electronic copy of the recommendation saved to your computer before you log in to the upload system.

You cannot fulfill your honors recommendation requirement by sending us your recommendation by mail or fax, however. Letters of recommendation that are faxed or mailed to the Office of Admissions or to an individual program office may be added to your admissions application file but they cannot fulfill your honors recommendation requirement.

How do I submit an additional recommendation request?

When you submit a request for an individual to submit an honors program recommendation on your behalf, you’ll have the opportunity to enter the contact information for one individual. (No programs require more than one recommendation.)

If you want to send a recommendation request to another individual, you’ll need to start over with step one of the online recommendation process and submit another recommendation request.

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