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The University of Texas at Austin

Applying to Honors Programs

Your admissions application, honors application and all required supporting materials (including SAT or ACT scores) for both admissions and honors programs must arrive by the deadline.

Honors Programs Application Deadline

Dec. 1

UT Austin's Honors Programs application lets you apply to one or more programs through one centralized process.


1. Submit your ApplyTexas application for freshman admission.

You will not be able to begin the honors programs application until you have submitted your admissions application. (It can take up to 24 hours for UT Austin to receive your ApplyTexas application after you submit it on the ApplyTexas site.)

2. Complete and submit the online portion of the honors programs application.

You need to complete the online honors programs application only once—even if you plan to apply to multiple programs. The application you see after logging in will include items required for the honors programs you select.

3. Complete any additional steps required by the individual programs.

The final page of the online application will indicate additional information (if any) you need to submit. Be sure to submit all admissions and honors programs application materials to the Office of Admissions—not to the individual programs. 

Honors Programs Application Requirements

Before selecting the programs to which you’d like to apply, review the list of application requirements. All items needed to complete each application, as well as your completed admissions application, must be received by Dec. 1.

Honors Program Requirements - Freshmen Entering Fall 2015


Sample (PDF)


Business Honors
3 required items



1 recommendation
[From teacher, not counselor or principal]

Engineering Honors
1 required item


Not required

Not required

Liberal Arts Honors
2 required items



Not required

Natural Sciences Honors
3 required items



1 recommendation
[From math or science teacher]

Plan II Honors
2 required items



Not required

Details about program-specific questions on Honors Programs Application

You'll submit your responses to the program-specific questions while completing the online application. (Responses cannot be submitted outside the online application.)

Here's a brief overview of the questions for each program so that you can prepare your answers ahead of time.

  • All honors programs (except Natural Sciences Honors): Please write five sentences describing yourself, your life and your experiences that form an accurate portrayal of who you are.
  • Business Honors: (1) Acknowledge the BHP Honor Code. (2) Explain any extenuating circumstances that should be considered (optional).
  • Natural Sciences Honors (Dean's Scholars, Health Science Honors and Polymathic Scholars only): Each CNS honors program has a unique focus: Dean’s Scholars (research), Health Science Scholars (health professions), Polymathic Scholars (interdisciplinary study). In 200 words or less, please explain your interest in the particular CNS honors program to which you’ve applied.
  • Natural Sciences Honors (Turing Scholars only): Describe your significant activities, employment and achievements. Be sure to include information that is relevant to the study of computer science. For example, you may describe classes and programming activities, other science and math activities, honors and awards, and other activities that demonstrate leadership potential.
  • Natural Sciences Honors (Turing Scholars only): Describe your educational and career goals.
  • Liberal Arts Honors: Recent studies indicate that success in life depends on character rather than intellect. There is, however, no formal measure to indicate a person's character. How would you measure and determine character? 

Submitting Honors Programs Application Materials

The majority of the information required for an honors program application is submitted online. All recommendations should be submitted using the online honors recommendation system. No materials should be sent directly to the individual honors program offices.

Major Selections

You may apply only to the honors programs associated with the colleges or departments that you select on your application for admission. For example, if you select a first-choice Natural Sciences major and a second-choice Liberal Arts major, you won't be able to apply to the Business Honors Program in the McCombs School of Business unless you change your major.


Majors you must select for individual honors programs

To apply to the following programs, you must select the following first- or second-choice majors on your ApplyTexas admissions application.

  • Business Honors: Unspecified Business in the McCombs School of Business; must be first-choice major selection
  • Natural Sciences Honors: Any major in the College of Natural Sciences except for Turing Scholars (Turing Scholars applicants must select Computer Science as a major.)
  • Engineering Honors: Any major in the Cockrell School of Engineering
  • Liberal Arts Honors: Any major in the College of Liberal Arts; selection of a Liberal Arts major as your first choice is highly encouraged
  • Plan II: Plan II or any major in the College of Liberal Arts

Changing your major

If an honors program that you're interested in applying to is not offered as an option on the online honors application, you must change your first and/or second choice major(s) in order to apply to that program.

  • If you have not submitted your ApplyTexas application, return to your online ApplyTexas application for admission and change/update your majors on the "Select Majors" page before saving your application.
  • If you have already submitted your ApplyTexas application, send a major change request to the Office of Admissions. Include your full name, UT EID and updated first- and/or second-choice major choices in the request.
  • If your major change request is approved, your updated honors program choices will appear on the online honors application within 3-5 working days.

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