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The University of Texas at Austin

Once you are admissions complete, you’re ready to take the next step in your college preparations and apply for housing. You do not need to be admitted to apply for housing.

Completing the Housing Application

The first part of the housing process involves completing the housing application. Once your MyStatus page indicates that your admissions application is complete, follow these steps to apply for housing:

  1. Log in to the online housing application using your UT EID and password.
  2. Complete the application. You’ll need to select the desired semester/term, provide contact information for you and your parent/guardian, indicate whether you prefer single occupancy or shared space, and indicate any special needs that require special accommodations.
  3. Pay your non-refundable $50 housing application fee (this step determines your priority for your housing assignment).

Once you apply for housing and pay your housing application fee, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation that you’ve applied.

Your housing application is for space in on-campus housing, not for a particular residence hall. You'll be able to indicate your preferences for residence halls, bath type and roommate after you receive your housing contract offer. A housing application does not guarantee on-campus housing. 

The online application allows you to log out and return to your application at a later time to pay, cancel, or update your information.

Need to apply by mail?

If you need a printed form to apply, please contact the Division of Housing and Food Service to request a paper application.

Phone: 512-471-3136

Complete the application and mail or fax to:
Division of Housing and Food Service
PO Box 7666
Austin, TX 78713-7666

Fax: 512-475-6532

Be sure to include your $50 application fee. Make your check or money order payable to The University of Texas at Austin.

Wondering Whether It’s Too Late?

It's really never too late to apply to live on-campus. The university has space for thousands of students to live on campus. Housing is assigned based on application date order, though, so applying earlier is still the better option. 

Find out more about how your housing application date affects your room assignment.

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