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The University of Texas at Austin

Room assignment emails will begin rolling out in mid-July based on your original housing application date. Your room assignment email will link to your MyHousing page, which will include:

  • Your residence hall assignment
  • Your room number and bath type
  • The name and e-mail address of your roommate(s)

Residence Hall Opening

Residence halls open for the fall semester in late August. Check the Academic Calendar for the residence hall opening and closing dates.

How Room Assignments Are Made

Room assignments are made based on the date on which a housing application is complete; housing applications are complete only after the $50 housing application fee is posted.

Applicants who apply early are more likely to receive a preferred housing assignment. Since the application for housing opens on August 1, students who wait to apply for housing may not receive their top housing preferences. But, that doesn’t mean that applicants who apply late aren’t able to live on campus. While housing is not guaranteed, the housing staff works to ensure that housing contracts are offered to incoming freshmen in application date order, and they have been successful in offering space in on-campus housing to all freshman applicants in recent years.

Is Your Email Current?

Housing contract offers, notifications and confirmations are sent by email. Update your contact information (including your email address) whenever something changes so that we can keep in touch.

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