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The University of Texas at Austin

Before indicating your housing preferences, it’s important for you to understand your options.

  • Individual residence halls: Visit individual residence hall pages for photos, information about features and resident testimonials.
  • Locations: Find out where each residence hall is located.
  • Virtual tour: Take a 360 degree tour of each hall.

Residential FIGs and Honors Housing

Planning to participate in a FIG (Freshman Interest Group)? Consider selecting a Residential FIG and you can share housing with some of those in your group.

Applying for a Freshman Honors Program? Find out about Honors Living Community.

Your Preferences

After you sign and return your housing contract and satisfy your advance payment, you’ll be able to submit your housing preferences online. Here’s what you’ll have to indicate:

  • Your order of preference for shared space or a single room (limited availability and at a higher cost).
  • Your preferences for special living communities (FIG and Honors).
  • Your bath preferences, including if you have an interest in a connecting or private bath (subject to availability and at a higher cost).
  • Your building preferences (select five residence halls).
  • Your roommate preference (see below for more information).

In most cases, it’s a good idea to add your housing preferences online as soon as you make a decision. If you change your mind after you enter your preferences, you can always log back in and update them until July 1. Students who do not select their preferences online may end up being assigned a room at random.


If you want to share your room with a specific person, you’ll need to indicate your roommate preference online.

  1. Log in to My Housing.
  2. Select the “Roommate Preference” link in the Navigation Menu.
  3. Enter your roommate’s UT EID and have your roommate do the same with your EID. Be sure that your building and bathroom preferences match so that there isn’t a conflict when room assignments are made.

Information about your official roommate(s) will be sent to you with your room assignment beginning in mid-July. If you don't have a preferred roommate, that's OK, too. About 40 percent of students decide to go "potluck." When roommates are assigned, housing staff use your age, classification, and major to match you with an appropriate student. Housing staff does not have access to information entered into the Roommate Profiler system.

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