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The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of  Lauren Abram

Lauren Abram

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Broadcast Journalism

Photo of  Elizabeth Agnew

Elizabeth Agnew

Hometown: Israel, Texas
Major: Jewish Studies

Photo of  Claudio Alvarado

Claudio Alvarado

Hometown: Cedar Hill, TX
Major: Nursing

Photo of  Sandy Aziz

Sandy Aziz

Hometown: Rockwall, TX
Major: English/Pre-Law

Photo of  Claire Battafarano

Claire Battafarano

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major: Advertising

Photo of  Stephanie Bernard

Stephanie Bernard

Hometown: Purchase, NY
Major: Communication Studies

Photo of  Lauren Braud

Lauren Braud

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Architecture

Photo of  Cristine Cardenas

Cristine Cardenas

Hometown: Brownsville, TX
Major: Government/Pre-Law

Photo of  Kate Carroll

Kate Carroll

Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Major: Public Relations

Photo of  Nancy Cortez

Nancy Cortez

Hometown: Harlingen, TX
Major: Radio-Television-Film

Photo of  Tanya Fernandez

Tanya Fernandez

Hometown: McAllen, TX
Major: Public Relations

Photo of  Brittany Fiveash

Brittany Fiveash

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
Major: Government

Photo of  Tayler Gill

Tayler Gill

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Major: Sport Management

Photo of  Joe Grasso

Joe Grasso

Hometown: Galveston, TX
Major: Advertising

Photo of  Eric Hui

Eric Hui

Hometown: Missouri City, TX
Major: Business Honors Finance & Plan II Honors

Photo of  David Kanewske

David Kanewske

Hometown: Pearland, TX
Major: Government and History

Photo of  Hans Malzar

Hans Malzar

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Major: Accounting

Photo of  George Martinez

George Martinez

Hometown: Ferris, TX
Major: Economics

Photo of  Shivani Mathur

Shivani Mathur

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Major: Government/Spanish

Photo of  Diane Nguyen

Diane Nguyen

Hometown: Sachse, TX
Major: Corporate Communication

Photo of  Joshua Ogden Davis

Joshua Ogden Davis

Hometown: Marshall, TX
Major: Music Theory

Photo of  Albert A. Palacios

Albert A. Palacios

Hometown: El Paso, TX
Major: Architecture and Anthropology

Photo of  Kathryn Poh

Kathryn Poh

Hometown: Garland, TX
Major: Advertising

Photo of  Siru Saastamoinen

Siru Saastamoinen

Hometown: Coppell, TX
Major: Economics

Photo of  Ryan Storey

Ryan Storey

Hometown: Bixby, OK
Major: Humanities

Photo of  Saul Trejo

Saul Trejo

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Major: Pre-Sport Management

Photo of  Veronica Trevino

Veronica Trevino

Hometown: Hidalgo, TX
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Photo of  Van Winn

Van Winn

Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Plan II and Psychology

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