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Headshot image of April Tone.

Name: April Tone

Hometown: Houston, Texas

High School: Jack Yates High School

Major: Radio-Television-Film

Expected graduation: May 2009

The Absolute Best

The trip to Austin was the main reason I chose to come to UT. You don’t know about a college until you visit and when I came to UT for open house, I found out everything I needed to know about the university. There were so many nice people willing to help and all the professors and advisors we met were willing to explain anything we needed to know. It was this and the reputation of the school being THE ABSOLUTE BEST that made me decide to come to UT.

A Strong Communication Program

In high school, we had a communications magnet program where I worked with Fox 26 Houston doing news packages in the area of my school and that’s when I decided what I wanted to do in college. We were taught to edit and shoot videos in classes as well. When I heard that UT had a strong communication program, I looked it over and discovered the RTF program which I now participate in. I love the RTF program and would recommend it to anyone!

Personal photos of April with her friends at UT football games.

April’s advice…

On studying

Always manage your time. Time goes by so fast when you are running to and from classes and going to office hours, so it is important that you plan to sit down in a library or a coffee shop and study what you have learned that day. I would advise others to study what you learned in class that same day because the information is still in your head, so comprehension will be easier.

On balancing studying, friends, work and family

Understand that you came to college for a reason. Friends are great and in college you will make life long friends. Your family loves you and they want you to do well. Work is important to make sure that you have everything you need for living while you’re in college. Me, having all those things, I have learned that along with time management, prioritizing is important. Hanging out with your friends every night is probably not the best idea. You lose study time and gain social time and that’s not the reason you’re in college. We are all here to learn. Also, make sure work does not take the place of school. I work two jobs and I know that sometimes it’s easy to forget to study or go to office hours because you have to work, but talk to your supervisor and see if something can be worked out.

Longhorn Scholars

My participation in the Longhorn Scholars has been very beneficial. Creating events and working with a team has prepared me for things that I have to do in class. Many times we have to work in groups and it’s hard trying to get so many people’s schedules together, so the organization has prepared me for that. When I worked at my internship, we would have to work in groups very often and it was important to have the communication flowing so that you can know who’s going to do what.

Building Relationships

My interaction with faculty and staff has really helped me dramatically. I have built a relationship with my advisor, which is good because whenever I have a question or concern I can ask them and they always help me whether it’s through email or even over the phone. Also with my professors, I have made it a priority to go to office hours and get to know more about the professors and what they have done with their learning in college. Talking to professors has helped me understand the focus of the class, resulting in better grades. It has even gotten me an internship at a post-production company. So, talking to staff and faculty is important.

Personal snapshots of April with her friends.

More about April


I was raised in a Christian home and my family was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Some of my family extends from Wallis, Texas to Los Angeles, New York and Virginia. I am the first in my family to attend The University of Texas, although my mother almost moved to Austin in the 80’s (how cool would that have been).



  • Favorite classes: RTF 333: Intro to Screenwriting & CMS 306: Professional Communication Skills
  • Study location on campus or off campus: On Campus: PCL
    Off Campus: Mozart’s
  • Place to eat on or near campus: On Campus: Chick-fil-A
    Off Campus: The Pita Pit
  • Books: Tar Baby by Toni Morrison & The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  • Movies: The Dark Knight, iRobot, & 48 Hours
  • Thing about Austin: The thing about Austin is the scenery. This is a BEAUTIFUL city. There are so many hills and the lakes are beautiful to look upon. This is a great place to live. In correlation with the hills and lakes is the weather. Regardless of the temperature, there is usually a nice breeze. Being from Houston, most of the time there is more humidity than breezes, so Austin is great for that also.
  • Pastime / Recreational activities: Doing outdoor activities such as playing flag football, soccer or ultimate Frisbee are things I like to do. I just wish more people did these activities so there could be a team! Indoor things like running at the gym or playing basketball are fun too.

Biggest challenge

The biggest challenge I’ve overcome during my time in college is understanding that you cannot be good at everything. In college, I have come to learn that everything takes time and practice to get good at it. This has become more evident than ever in discussing my Physics class. Physics, in my opinion, is a pretty tough subject. You have to take a lot of time and dedication to be able to understand the formulas and how to move things around. It doesn’t just come to you, you have to work at it.

Best unexpected thing

The best unexpected thing that’s happened to me since I arrived would have to be when I was selected to be part of the Longhorn Scholars Student Advisory Council (LSSAC). I sent in an application, but I knew that a lot of people also sent in very good applications so I thought I was not going to get in, but I did! I was very excited that I called my mom, my sister and even my boss! Now I, along with a team of students in the organization, help plan events for the Longhorn Scholars. We do everything from planning the location and time, to who’s going to be there, and what we’re going to eat. It’s a really great organization.

Favorite experience

My favorite experience at UT would have to be when I worked with the TV show “ATX Most Wanted”. I got a chance to meet a lot of different people who were interested in the same thing I was - television. The show was about events going on in Austin, as well as a concentration on hip hop singers and other celebrities. The group would have someone go on location and interview students around campus to get their perspective on things. It was a really great time.

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