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The University of Texas at Austin

Bailey Mintz

A University with Balance

The University of Texas at Austin is, in my opinion, the greatest university there is. I chose to come here because of the wonderful balance between academic excellence and a sense of university pride that couldn’t be met elsewhere. I loved that UT Austin was the center of a “college-town” environment, but it wasn't limited to just a campus. Most people in Austin are Longhorn fans, and the pull of Austin was a huge contributing factor for choosing UT Austin.

I would encourage others to come here because our academic programs are some of the best in the world, our spirit overwhelmingly strong, and there are incredible opportunities available for every type of person who comes to UT Austin.

Making My Voice Heard

I am absolutely in love with the Moody College of Communication. I am a member of the Communication Council, and through that organization I have had opportunities to speak with faculty and staff at the college. Last year, I met with the three deans of the college, Dean Hart, Dean Bernstein and Dean Rocha, with my committee to discuss problems and tuition changes in the college. These opportunities have been extremely beneficial to me. I feel as if I play an influential role as a student in my particular college, and I also feel as if my voice is being heard.

Bailey Mintz with friends.

A Part of Something Great

Gone to Texas was the best transitional experience I had when coming to UT Austin. It made a huge impact on me because it was the start of my amazing journey at the university. It has meant so much to me as I continue through my time here because it always reminds me that I am a part of something big and great and that I will always be able to say I am a Texas Longhorn.

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  • On studying: Try a bunch of different study spots until you find the right one.
  • On making friends: Join a ton of activities even if you don’t stick with them so you can meet a lot of different people.
  • On how to be a successful student: Stay on top of your schoolwork because it’s easy to let assignments get ahead of you.
  • On maintaining balance between studying, work, friends, and family: Create a schedule and stick to it. Make sure to remember to do fun stuff because that will make school more enjoyable as a whole.


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