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Brittany Dye

Finding Your Niche

As a native Texan, I was raised to be a Longhorn. Both of my parents graduated from UT Austin, so I was learning “The Eyes of Texas” along with my ABCs. When it came time to apply to college, I knew there was only one place I wanted to go. There are so many things that the university and the city of Austin have to offer: winning sports teams, passionate school spirit and the exciting culture and environment of a metropolitan city.

Of course, UT Austin also offers a world-class education; not only am I going to a school I love, I am getting my degree from a top university. And because UT Austin is so large, everyone can find their niche, regardless of their academic and personal interests. There truly is something for everyone.

Deciding on a Major

I originally came to UT Austin as an undeclared major in the School of Undergraduate Studies, planning to transfer into Journalism in the Moody College of Communication. However, I eventually came to a point where I had so many interests I couldn’t decide on just one. One night I sat down at my computer and opened the home page of every college and department at UT Austin, trying to figure out what I would really enjoy studying the most. After talking with my Undergraduate Studies advisor and taking some additional communication courses, I decided on Communication Studies, and later, Spanish. I couldn’t be happier with my choice!

Brittany Dye with friends.

The Greatest Impact

Joining multiple student organizations has had the greatest impact on my undergraduate experience. It is, by far, the easiest and most enjoyable way to make this university feel like home. I have met so many of my best friends, and I have been able to be a part of community service events, social events and networking opportunities that I would not have experienced otherwise.

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  • On how to be a successful student - It seems like a no-brainer but you really have to stay on top of your schoolwork. You can easily get behind if you regularly skip reading or doing your homework for class. Develop good study habits early in your college career, and you will be a lot more successful.
  • On studying - If you have breaks between classes, use that time to catch up on reading or finishing your homework. During the day, other students will be studying, too, so you can enjoy more free time with your friends later. 
  • On a particular class - No matter what your major is, take Interpersonal Communication with Dr. John Daly. He is a favorite professor among UT Austin students, and what you will learn in the class is not only interesting but applicable to your daily life.
  • On how to balance studying, work, friends & family - Make school a priority; you are here to get an education, after all! Try to get your schoolwork done early instead of waiting until the last minute. That way, you can have plenty of time to hang out with your friends or work later.


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