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The University of Texas at Austin

Chris Fellows

Unrivaled School Spirit

I visited campus for the first time on Thanksgiving Day during my senior year of high school for the Texas versus Texas A&M football game. It didn't take me long to fall in love with Texas' unrivaled school spirit. Everyone on campus is genuinely excited to be a Longhorn. I wanted to be part of such a tradition and would recommend it to everyone.

In a Class of its Own

I am really looking forward to exploring more of Austin. It’s impossible to experience all that Austin has to offer in only four years. With all the music, movie, and sports festivals, there is always something new to experience each week. When it comes to entertainment and food choices, Austin is simply in a class of its own.

Chris' tips

Making friends

Make a point of talking to as many people as you can at orientation. View everyone around you as a potential friend.

Living on campus

Living in a dorm is an important part of your first year at UT Austin because it is a great opportunity to meet other freshmen who might share your interests. It’s also convenient that everything you need is just a couple of minutes away.

A particular class

Calculus is challenging for everyone. Knowing this before you begin can prepare you.

What to wear

The day will come when you realize the majority of your wardrobe is burnt orange. Embrace it.

Parking & transportation around campus

When it comes to saving time, a bike is the best investment you can make. Around campus, you can travel faster on two wheels. Every building has a rack for locking up your bike. Also, there is a bike stand on the East Mall for when your tires need pumping up. You will find that Austin has an abundance of bike lanes and paths as well.

Balancing studying, friends, work & family

Buy a day planner at the University Co-op, write in it often, and rely on it for all of your activities and assignments.

Preparing for the Future

Finance lets me get a taste for all of the different branches of corporate business. I’m certain that I will be prepared for any job opportunities that present themselves. I also chose my major because the McCombs School of Business has a well-earned reputation for preparing finance students for the future.

Chris Fellows with friends

Going Out of their Way to Help

I was initially concerned that professors in a large class would overlook one student out of 300 students, but that could not be further from the truth. I have found that professors will go out of their way to be available to help you. Even if you cannot make it to their office hours, they will find another time that works for both of you. I even had one professor give me his home phone number when I had an important question to ask late at night!

Broadening My Horizons

During my first year, I was able to meet an incredibly diverse group of people. I have friends from every ethnic background who attended high school in all corners of the country. Because Texas is such a big school, it provides you with the opportunities to meet new people that you might not have at smaller schools. My first year at UT Austin has really broadened my horizons.

Come and Visit

The best way to learn about UT Austin is to come and visit. Only when you are on the 40 Acres can you envision yourself here. It’s important to look at potential schools in person and talk to current students to ensure that it is the right place for you. You will make a much better decision if you have more information.

More about Chris


  • Study location on campus: A cozy couch in The Texas Union.
  • Place to eat near campus: There’s nothing like Kerbey Lane Cafe's chips and queso late at night. Kerbey Lane serves breakfast 24 hours a day, which is perfect for a late night in the library or out on the town.
  • Class: Introduction to Philosophy with Dr. Ian Proops
  • Book: Catcher in the Rye
  • Movie: Cinderella Man
  • Recreational activities: Lady Bird Lake is a ten-minute bus ride from campus. It is a great spot for a run, a bike ride, sitting in the sun, or even kayaking.

Biggest challenge

I thought I was a great writer in high school, but I’ve found that I have had to become even better in college. Most college assignments involve writing, so you’ll get lots of practice. The Undergraduate Writing Center on campus helped me proofread assignments and improve my writing.

How I spend my spare time

When I’m not in class or giving a tour of campus, I can probably be found studying at one of Austin’s coffee shops. Café Medici is just across the street from campus. The Hideout, which is just south of the Capitol, has great local musicians. Another popular coffee shop for students is Mozart’s because it is located on scenic Lake Austin.

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