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The University of Texas at Austin

George Martinez

Changing my Decision

Being from a small city, I was unsure where I wanted to go after I graduated but knew I wanted to go somewhere in the area of Austin or San Antonio. After narrowing it down between UT Austin and Texas State, I actually told myself I would be going to Texas State. But when I came for orientation at UT just to make sure I was making the correct decision, I realized UT Austin would be a great place for me and quickly changed my decision to attend UT Austin for my undergraduate degree.

Do Your Research

I honestly didn’t do as much research as I should have done but I did do some research on my own by just surfing the main UT Austin page and looking at what UT had to offer. I also took a visit of the campus while I was applying to see what the campus really looked like in real life.

Do Not Let Our Size Discourage You

I wish people would not let the size of our student body or classroom size discourage them from applying and attending UT Austin. Coming from a high school of 100 seniors and a city with a population of 3,000 would seem intimidating, but I didn’t let that discourage me from applying and attending UT Austin. During my first two years, I stayed in Jester, which is actually about the population size of my city, and I was able to network and meet friends rather quickly. Despite being a big student body campus, UT Austin really isn’t as big as people make it seem. Even though there are 50,000 students, you never see all 50,000 students on campus unless it’s a football game, in which case you will be surrounded by 100,000 Longhorn Fans!

Gorge and friends

Gorge's advice


First, go to class every day! It’s for your own benefit, and it is good to review your notes every day after class to recall what you did in class. Try to find a study area where you will not be distracted and you can be very productive at the same time. This may require you to leave your dorm or apartment and find a nice study place on campus. In my opinion you should do at least three hours of studying every day to stay ahead and understand the material.

Living on campus

I would highly encourage living on campus your first year. You meet so many people, and it makes your first year experience a well rounded one. It is also so much more convenient living on campus! You have your dining, library, gym and entertainment just a few minutes away.

Parking/transportation around campus

Parking is very hectic. You should postpone bringing a car until you really have to. Also, Austin has a great bus system where you could basically go anywhere in Austin for free with your UT ID, so there’s really no need to bring your car and have it collecting dust while paying a high price for parking.

Visit the campus

I would highly recommend that you apply and visit the campus. The only way to see if UT is really for you is to submerge yourself into the campus life. Try to talk to some current students so that you could get different perspectives on how their experience at UT has been so far.

A Diverse Student Body

The biggest misconception I had about UT was its diversity. I didn’t expect UT to be very diverse in its student body but after coming to orientation, I quickly saw the diversity that I would find myself in for the following years. Not only is UT’s student body very diverse, but also the programs and assistance that they offer to students. One example of our diversity is our 900+ student organizations, making it easy to find more than one that will spark an interest in you.

Home Away from Home

What makes me feel at home at UT is the network of friends I’ve made thus far. They are always very supportive and since we’re in a similar situation, it makes it easier for all of us to stay together and make our own home away from home. I can always give a friend a call and go out to eat, enjoy a day in Austin or enjoy a great time downtown.

Professors Try to Help

Although professors may seem intimidating, they really aren’t. I have had great experiences with almost all of my professors and they really do try to help you out if they see that you are willing to put in the time and effort for their class. So definitely go to your professors’ office hours. The students here are also understanding and willing to assist you with anything you may need assistance with.

Magnitude and Intensity of Longhorn Fans

Being surrounded by 100,000 Longhorn fans screaming Texas Fight has to be my favorite experience thus far. I had never attended a college or professional football game in my life and when I went to the first game, I was surprised at the magnitude and intensity of the fans. Not to mention watching the game live right before my eyes. So I encourage everyone to go to at least one football game during their first semester.

Gorge and friends

Spare Time

When I do have some free time, Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Park, and downtown are all great stress relievers or just good relaxing places to enjoy and explore. I also go to the gym and do a quick workout since it is essential to stay healthy during your college career.

Changing the World My Own Way

When I graduate I want to continue changing the world in my own unique way. I would like to impact more students on the importance of higher education in hopes that they one day will have the same opportunity I have had. My expectations are to enjoy my time and to have a career where I will wake up everyday and be enthusiastic to go into the office. I am looking forward to the days where I will not have to stress over midterms and get to enjoy my life without putting so much pressure on myself. I will also be looking forward to the new chapter of my life and all the endeavors that come with it.

Gorge's favorites


Fundamentals of Acting

Study location on campus

Perry Castaneda Library (PCL). With six floors and over 100 computers, it's easy to find a good relaxing spot to get some work done, not to mention its convenient location on campus.

Place to eat on and near campus

Thing about Austin

Its atmosphere! No matter where you go, who you're with or what you do, Austin is certain to have an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your time with friends and family.

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