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The University of Texas at Austin

Jasmine Vallejo

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Once a Longhorn, Always a Longhorn

I grew up knowing that I loved the color burnt orange, the beautiful city of Austin for its music scene, the non-profit organizations, and, of course, football. I would encourage someone to attend this university because from every aspect, we succeed.

This community is so close, and we surround ourselves with many people. There is always someone you can relate to, so many organizations to join, and many opportunities to find your place at this school. We become a family – once a Longhorn, always a Longhorn. UT Austin becomes your home.

Giving Back

One of the things that I love about UT Austin is the UT Austin Tower. There is something so motivational about the tower because it encompasses the university brand, “What starts here changes the world.” Everyone in the university community wants something of themselves, so not only do we have self-motivation, but professors, classmates, and faculty are also there to motivate us.

A goal of the university is to give to the students so that they can give back to the community. This is something that I am also very fond of because whatever I do in life, I want to give back to the community. I want to show that my degree not only means something to me, but something that others can benefit from as well.

Jasmine's tips


Turn everything off. I know it may be hard to set aside Facebook, but unless your professor is giving a lecture on the internet, the computer should be off.

Making friends

Fun facts! I promise—it has worked 100% of the time. Have a fun fact on hand and randomly talk to someone you don’t know.

Living on campus

Be mindful about others in your hallway and around you. We are all a community and should take care of one another. If you’re going to live on campus, bring an iron, comfy pillows, and, of course, pictures of your family and friends from back home. Don’t forget to give your loved ones back home a call here and there to let them know you’re thinking about them and are safe!

My first year as a freshman, I lived in Jester with a random roommate. I think that was a great experience, especially for new students heading off to college because the opportunity to meet new people is there. The traffic of other students running in and out was fun because there was always someone to see, talk to, and catch up with!

I do recommend living off campus, though. I live off campus and have been for two years. I am able to come home as late as I want after studying at the library, cook my own meals (like my mom taught me) and dance around with music as loud as I want to. Oh yeah-bubble baths are also a plus!

Balancing studying, friends, work & family

Your support group is going to be your family and your friends. Make sure that when times get tough around midterms and finals that you set aside time for breaks and to take care of you. The number one thing on your mind is to be healthy, so that you can function well in school. Balancing everything is the key.

Interacting with Others

Interacting with students and faculty has been very rewarding. I am the type of person who always has fun or interesting facts on hand, so when I walk into a class and sit next to someone, it is a way to break the ice. Doing this, I’ve developed relationships among friends that I probably wouldn’t have met had I not sparked the conversation. This has led to study groups, better grades in classes, and lifelong friends.

With professors, I’ve always gone to their office hours and developed relationships with them. It’s always great to know you've done something right when a professor knows your name in a class of over three hundred students. If you ever have a problem, they are here to help you and want you to succeed! So don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Jasmine Vallejo and friends.

Austin Just Smile

My favorite experience at the university would have to be creating my own blog, “Austin Just Smile.” After working with the orientation program, I wanted to bring the community of UT Austin together by asking students what advice they would give to other students. It would be their personal advice without any restrictions. I received responses such as, “buy a dang umbrella!” to “always bring snacks to class to make friends,” which always made me smile.

Ultimately, the goal was to get incoming students to look at the blog and know that as Longhorns, we all look out for each other. This was by far the best experience I have had because I was able to make others smile and help them make new friends at the same time!

More about Jasmine


  • Study location on campus: The "Six Pack" on a beautiful day. Take a blanket, read a book and have a break time to feed the squirrels. They’re really friendly here!
  • Place to eat near campus: Mozart's is a perfect place to study with GREAT iced mochas and dessert. Yum!
  • Class: Interpersonal Communication with Dr. John Daly. Mixing excitement with tips on relationships and a funny professor is just AMAZING.
  • Thing about Austin: The friendliness of everyone, the atmosphere, the music scene, and the weather!
  • Recreational activities: Soccer and volleyball. Join an intramural team! Get a group of friends, and either play for fun or to win the championship!

How I learned more about UT Austin

I visited many UT Austin events such as Longhorn Saturday, where I was able to spend the night at the university and attend a football game. The burnt orange everywhere pulled me in even more. I knew I was born a Longhorn.

How I spend my free time

I love to read at Zilker Park, study at Mozart's, and on Saturdays, I tailgate at the Longhorn football games!

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