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The University of Texas at Austin

Karina Garza

Name: Karina Garza

Hometown: Mission, Texas

High school: Mission High School

HS Graduation: 2004

Major: Pharmacy (the Pharm.D. Program)

Expected UT graduation: May 2010

Smiles and TEXAS FIGHT

Everything about Austin is great. There are so many different cultures, opinions, views, etc. The night life is great as well (6th Street).

I would have to admit, however, that the greatest thing is being a part of a university with such pride. Everything about this school makes me smile. Every morning I wake up and look at my window to see the UT Tower and just think to myself how great of an accomplishment it is to be here, a part of one of the greatest universities.

Football games especially; everyone is dressed in orange on game days (you see someone in orange every day actually), our stadium is packed, and the infamous TEXAS (one side) FIGHT (opposite side) that is yelled by each side during the game. When I first heard TEXAS FIGHT at the UT stadium I swear it gave me chills. It was an unforgettable moment. HOOK EM’ HORNS!

Financial Concerns

I would have to say that my biggest challenge is financial concerns. I am not eligible for aid, and it has been difficult to get funds elsewhere, but I would have to admit that I could have taken care of this problem way before school started if I knew more about how the whole system worked.

One Long Vacation

I have not really felt home sick. Distance is not a big problem. I honestly see this semester as a vacation, in which I know I will be back home soon. I still work hard though.

I do not necessarily miss my hometown; I miss my family and all the little things. For example laughing and having a good time, spending time with everyone, hugging my parents and siblings, and seeing all my other family members. However, as I said above it is like one long vacation. I know that I will see them soon.

Do not feel that you will always be homesick either, because being such a big family girl as I am, I thought that would be my biggest problem; but you have so many people that feel the same way that everyone comforts you. Now with the RGV Longhorns, all those attending in the coming years will have a place for reinforcement through current students that have already been through the hardships of an incoming freshman. The biggest problem you will have is trying to find time to do all the great things UT and Austin offer.

Karina’s advice on…

Believing in yourself

The most important advice I can give someone is to always believe in yourself. UT can be a very intimidating school, but it is so worth attending. It is not easy academically, but it can be done.

Time flies

Many people that attend UT have a longer drive than four and half hours. For those that feel that you will be away from home for such a long period of time, trust me time flies so fast you will think you just left your home a week ago.

All about interaction

At the UT College of Pharmacy it is all about interaction between students, faculty, and staff. If there was one thing that was emphasized it was most definitely that. It gave me a reassuring feeling that I would be able to graduate from the #2 College of Pharmacy in the nation.

More about Karina

Intramural sports

Intramural sports I would have to say is the best. I really miss participating in high school athletics and this is the best way to fill that emptiness. It is a lot of fun and you meet a lot of new people.

Spare time

Honestly, being a pharmacy student does not give me a lot of spare time, but when I do, I enjoy the weather and hanging out with friends. The night life here in Austin is like no other. There is always a place to go to have fun with friends and meet new people.

Plans after graduation

[When I graduate, I want to] be a Pharmacist and most likely work in a clinical setting (hospitals, etc.).

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