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The University of Texas at Austin

Lauren Abram

Gone to Texas

My most memorable experience at UT would have to be the Gone to Texas ceremony. It’s the night before classes begin in the fall semester and all the freshmen come out and learn the campus traditions, get free t-shirts, and listen to pep talks from faculty. Gone to Texas is a one-time opportunity at the University, and I feel like every incoming freshman should attend. It’s only done once for your incoming class! Here it is my senior year and I still wish I could attend Gone to Texas.

Opportunities in Communication

I actually came to UT as a Computer Science major. I was really involved with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program in high school and figured that this was for me. I later found that I didn’t like computer science and decided to change my major to English. This change eventually lead to psychology, human ecology, and now journalism. I’m happy being in communications now due to the opportunities offered, internships, and working in the facilities like TSTV. This is really what I want to have a career in.

Lauren's Advice


Manage your time! If you review materials immediately following class, you are sure to understand the information more and remember it more easily for exams.

Making friends

Making friends is simple when living on campus. If you keep your dorm room door open as you move in, students will pop in to introduce themselves. Getting involved in student organizations helps also. When attending meetings or events, you are sure to make new friends.

Living on campus

Definitely live on campus as a freshman. This is how you meet friends, feel more like a college student, and attend campus events.

Parking/transportation around campus

As a freshman, don’t bring your car! I didn’t bring my car to campus until my junior year and it saved me money on gas and parking. The UT shuttle buses (free to students) make transportation around campus and Austin easy and convenient. There are several stops for transportation to the malls, airport, and off campus student apartments. As far as getting to class, most students are walking professionals.

Lauren and friends.

From Austin to Hollywood

Being in the Moody College of Communication has opened up so many opportunities for me. Being able to meet with my academic advisor has been very helpful in allowing me to figure out what I want to do with my life. By keeping in touch with my advisor, meeting with staff in student affairs, and visiting the career center, I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime by getting accepted into the Semester in LA Program and will be studying in Hollywood next summer where I will attend classes while obtaining an internship with either MTV, Disney Networks, or 20th Century Fox. After graduating, I plan to make Los Angeles my new home and pursue a career in television producing, broadcasting, or directing.

Learn How to Study

My biggest challenge was learning how to study. Once I arrived on campus, I immediately began getting involved in everything I had an interest in. I focused more on my social life than my academic studies, and eventually ended up having to try a lot harder in all of my classes. In high school, studying really wasn’t a concern that most students had, but being here at UT, it’s what is needed to succeed. After my first semester, I began taking advantage of on campus resources, going to office hours, and attending free tutoring sessions. That semester has kept me on track to my senior year, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

Lauren and Friends.

UT Flash Mob

I was caught in the middle of a UT flash mob production! A flash mob is a group of UT students (usually student organizations) that do a specific action for one minute. At the end of that minute, they simply walk away. On my way to class one day about 75 people stopped, bowed and yelled to the UT Tower, “We’re not worthy.”

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