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The University of Texas at Austin

Patricio Erhard

Creative, Diverse and Scenic

I chose to attend UT Austin because it was the only university that could provide me with a creative, diverse, and scenic environment. I could work on developing my independence, networking and social skills, while remaining not too far away from family and friends.

CAP – A Program Worth Pursuing

At first, I was a little disappointed I was not immediately admitted to UT Austin. However, the more I thought about what it would mean to be a part of CAP, the more I figured that it was a program worth pursuing. It allowed me to go to a university nearby, but I was also able to earn credit while attending UTSA that I could of just as easily obtained at UT Austin.

Making Close Friends through CAP

I recommend CAP because I met many of my close friends who went through the same process I did. We were even able to reunite at UT Austin once we had fulfilled our CAP requirements.

Settling into UT Austin after CAP

It was not very hard transitioning from UTSA to UT Austin. Since I already knew how college worked, I really only had to learn how to be more focused on school work since Austin is such a lively place, and it's easy to get distracted here. Once I settled into my residence hall, they had multiple events that helped me make new friends.

Patricio's tips on…


Always study the lecture notes. While books and labs may be helpful, what is at the core of any course is what the professor teaches.

Making friends

Keep an open mind at all times. The first step to getting to know more people is being able to understand who those people are and what they have to offer.

Living on campus

I live on campus in the Moore-Hill Residence Hall. I would highly encourage living on campus. Not only do you get to experience the whole college scene firsthand, but it is also highly convenient.

Transportation around campus

Get a bike. Once I got one, the campus got ten times smaller.

Patricio Erhard

Why Psychology?

I chose to study Psychology because I felt that it was a major that was not only pertinent to a broad number of jobs available, but also infinitely interesting and applicable to everyday life.

What I'm Looking Forward To

I'm looking forward to study abroad and minoring in Business Foundations. Both, while proving to be challenging tasks, motivate me to try harder academically in order to succeed.

After Graduation

After graduating, I plan on going to graduate school and pursuing a PhD in psychology. Currently, I am working on achieving this by attempting to join the Psychology Honors Program and being a research assistant for graduate students.

More about Patricio


  • Class: Creative Problem Solving - UGS 303
  • Study location on campus: Fine Arts Library
  • Place to eat near campus: Which Wich?
  • Books: Life of Pi, Count of Monte Cristo, and Catcher in The Rye
  • Experience: My favorite experience at UT Austin would have to be having dinner with my friends in Jester (2nd floor), one of the buffet-style cafeterias at UT Austin. From the time I arrived at UT Austin, we have always had Waffle Mondays, in order to take the awful out of Mondays.

Clubs & Organizations

Texas Student Television (TSTV) – Sneak Peek, host

Biggest challenge

The biggest challenge I’ve overcome during my time in college has been to manage my time to be able to do well in academics, student organizations, work, and socially.

Best unexpected thing

The best unexpected thing that has happened to me since I arrived has been getting involved in TSTV. I became involved in TSTV through a friend who invited me to help with production.

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