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About PACE

Why are you offering this program?

PACE is offered in an effort to help qualified students successfully transfer to UT Austin and reach their higher education goals. The structure provided by PACE supports students as they complete coursework while enrolled at ACC and as they prepare for the transition to life as a full-time UT Austin student.

I know students who weren't offered this program. Why is that?

Students who were offered freshman admission to UT Austin were not in the group of applicants who received this offer. Additionally, only a select group of applicants who were not offered freshman admission were offered PACE. The Office of Admissions applies the same holistic review process it uses to evaluate all applications to determine who receives a PACE offer. 

Can anyone enrolled at ACC take advantage of this opportunity?

No, only students who receive an offer from UT Austin and submit the PACE agreement can take part. 

Why do I have to allow UT Austin and ACC to exchange my personal information?

When it’s time for you to begin your full-time studies at UT Austin, the coursework you’ve taken at ACC will be transferred to UT Austin so that it can be applied to your degree plan for your bachelor’s degree.

Students in PACE must also remain in good standing at both campuses, so information about academic standing (grades, enrollment status, etc.)—as well as any disciplinary issues—is shared between campuses.

Participating in PACE

Do I have to apply to ACC and pay an application fee to participate?

No, if you are offered participation in PACE, you do not have to apply for admission to ACC or pay any additional application fees. You are required, however, to pay a $200 enrollment deposit to UT Austin.

What do I have to do to participate?

Only certain students who applied for admission to UT Austin are offered the opportunity to participate in PACE. If you receive a PACE offer, you must submit an online agreement to let us know that you want to participate. The agreement includes a list of conditions and requirements. You must also pay a $200 enrollment deposit to UT Austin.

Will I be able to join the program later on? Can I begin my studies elsewhere and then move to ACC?

Students who are offered PACE must begin their participation in the fall semester and must submit the agreement no later than the deadline listed in MyStatus. If you decline the offer or fail to submit the agreement by the deadline, the offer will no longer be valid. If you decide you want to attend UT Austin at a later date, however, you will be able to apply for transfer admission.

Do I have to stay in PACE all year? What happens if I finish the requirements more quickly?

You must remain in PACE for one year (two long semesters). During that time, you must take 12 transferable hours at ACC and no fewer than three hours at UT Austin each semester. It isn't possible to complete the requirements early.

Additionally, you may not transfer to UT Austin at the end of the fall semester if you enroll in PACE. You will enroll at UT Austin on a full-time basis only at the end of your first year following the spring semester. 

What if I don't successfully complete the PACE requirements?

If you do not successfully complete the PACE requirements by the end of the spring semester, you may continue to enroll at ACC but may not continue co-enrollment at UT Austin. 

Should you wish to continue at UT Austin, you may apply to return as a transfer student, but only during or after the semester following the spring semester. That is, you would be eligible to apply for transfer admission by the Oct. 1 deadline for admission to the next spring semester.


Do I have to attend orientation?

Yes. PACE students must participate in orientation activities for both UT Austin and ACC. You may attend any of UT Austin's orientation sessions designed for incoming freshmen. You will complete some of ACC's orientation activities online; the rest, including advising, will be coordinated with your UT Austin orientation session.

Visit MyStatus for details about registering for and completing orientation requirements.

Curriculum, Coursework, Credit and Classes

What courses can I take?

You'll work with advisors at UT Austin and at ACC to select your courses from an approved course list.

What other academic opportunities are available?

PACE students participate in a learning community on the UT Austin campus. Students meet weekly with a small group of students and their dedicated PACE advisor. This community is a great way to meet friends, connect with other UT Austin students, and learn about campus life.

When can I register for classes?

Students who accept the PACE offer are able to register for classes only after receiving one-on-one advising from academic advisors at UT Austin and at ACC. The advising process helps students to select coursework that helps them to reach their long-term goals and to complete the program requirements.

I have lots of dual credit coursework and some AP credit, too. Can I get credit for those courses?

College credit held by PACE students is considered for credit by ACC in the same way that it is for all entering students. If you have dual credit coursework or AP or IB scores from high school that you think may earn you credit at ACC, you should submit official transcripts or other required documentation (test score reports, for example) to ACC before you enroll so that ACC can determine whether or how much credit you have earned.

That said, your prior credit does not accelerate completion of your PACE requirements; no matter how much credit you have, you must still complete 24 cumulative hours in residence at ACC and at least 6 hours at UT Austin while enrolled in PACE. As a result, PACE may not be the best option for all students. PACE may not offer students with numerous dual credit courses the best opportunity to reach their goals. If you're unsure about whether PACE is right for you, speak with a UT Austin representative about your options. He or she may be able to suggest a path for you that will help you to achieve your goals more quickly outside of PACE.

May I take more than one course at UT Austin per semester while I'm enrolled in PACE?

In some cases. In general, though, you should expect to take one course (a minimum of three hours) per semester at UT Austin while enrolled in PACE.

May I take college courses the summer before I enroll in PACE?


Campus Life

Will I be able to attend football games as a student?

PACE program participants may elect to purchase football tickets just like any other student.

What sorts of clubs and activities are available to PACE students?

PACE students get the best of both worlds—they may participate in clubs and activities at both UT Austin and ACC. Support services are available at both campuses as well. 

Can I join a sorority or fraternity?

Contact the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life for more information. Some organizations allow PACE members to participate.


Where can I live while I'm in PACE?

You have the option of applying to live in one of UT Austin's on-campus residence halls during your time in PACE.

In order to enjoy the full cost-savings benefit of attending ACC, students need to live in the community college's districtThat said, there are no housing requirements for PACE participants, so you may live wherever you and your family think would be best for you.

Financial Aid

Will I be eligible for financial aid?

Yes. If you apply for financial aid, UT Austin will process your application in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Office of Student Financial Services. To be eligible for aid disbursement, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours each semester. If you qualify for financial aid, keep in mind that you are responsible for meeting the payment deadlines of both campuses. Because UT Austin's deadlines may not align with ACC's, you may need to set up a payment plan or to take an emergency loan to pay ACC while awaiting release of funds from UT Austin.


Why was I offered both PACE and CAP?

There are multiple paths to completing a degree at UT Austin. Both PACE and CAP are options available to you. Familiarize yourself with both programs and then make the decision that's best for your educational goals.

May I sign up for both?

You may enroll in CAP or in PACE, but not in both.

What if I change my mind after I enroll and want to leave CAP and join this program after one semester?

CAP and PACE are not related to each other, and students are not able to move from one to the other. If a situation arises where you are not able to complete the program in which you initially enroll, you will be able to apply for transfer admission at a future date.

The Wait List

How can I gain admission to UT Austin via the wait list rather than PACE or CAP?

If you were offered participation in PACE, you're automatically on the wait list; you do not need to take any action to join the wait list. 

Students are admitted from the wait list based on the enrollment needs of the university as other admitted students turn down their admission offers. There are no positions on the wait list. As spaces open up, the wait-listed applications are reviewed to determine which students on the list will be offered a space. All aspects of an individual application are considered.

It isn’t possible to know which spaces in the entering class might be available, so it also isn’t possible to know which majors might be offered to an individual wait-listed student who is admitted.

When should I expect to hear back about the wait list?

The wait list process is completed no later than mid-May. You will receive notification via MyStatus if you are admitted from the wait list. If you are not admitted from the wait list, you will receive notice in MyStatus that the wait list process is complete. 

Should I wait to submit a PACE or CAP agreement until after I hear about the wait list?

No. Decisions about admission from the wait list may not be completed until mid-May. But the agreement deadline for PACE and most CAP universities is earlier—see MyStatus for additional details. If you wait to decide about PACE and CAP until after wait list decisions are made, one or both of these options may no longer be available to you.

You should consider participation in PACE or CAP based on the merits of the programs and your educational goals. Agreeing to participate in PACE or CAP will not affect your wait list status in any way. If you're admitted from the wait list after you submit the PACE or CAP agreement, we'll simply remove you from the PACE or CAP participant list.

Likewise, should you elect to decline both the PACE and CAP offers, you will still be on the wait list.

How do I decline the wait list?

It is not necessary to decline the wait list. Should you receive an offer of admission from the wait list that you do not wish to accept, you may simply decline the offer at that time. 

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