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The University of Texas at Austin

MyStatus offers access to information about admissions, honors, housing, financial aid and more. Through tabs and lists of to-do, done, and recommended items, MyStatus delivers secure, individualized information from initial application submission to your final admission decision and beyond.

Things You Can Do through MyStatus

Find out what you need to do and what you've done

In addition to basic information about the status of your application (it's incomplete, it's complete, it's in review, etc.), your MyStatus page also offers a to-do list of items to help you to stay on top of your application and admission. Here are some examples of the kinds of to-do items you may see on your page:

  • Submit your essays
  • Accept or decline your offer of admission
  • Pay your application fee
  • Complete and submit your High School Coursework Information form
  • Submit a resume
  • Submit your official transcripts

Cancel your application/Decline your admission offer

Log in to MyStatus and click the Admission tab. Find the "Done" item for submitting your ApplyTexas application. Follow the link to cancel your application or decline your admission.

View a list of items (including test scores) we've received from you so far

Log in to MyStatus and click the myDocuments tab to see a list of items we have on file for you.

Processing Submitted Application Items

As the deadline nears, we receive thousands of items by mail and fax each day. It may take several weeks for an item to be processed and appear in MyStatus.

Find out more about the time needed to process mailed and faxed documents.

Tips for Using MyStatus

Start early

Begin and complete your application(s) early. The earlier you begin the process, the more time you’ll have to take advantage of the information on MyStatus. Items submitted near the end of the application cycle may not appear online before the deadline (even if they do arrive in time).

Take advantage of online options

Submit as many items as possible online. Doing so can shorten the time needed for them to appear in MyStatus. Mailed or faxed items have to be scanned and tracked by hand before appearing online.

Your EID and password

Keep track of your UT EID and password. You won’t be able to access MyStatus without them.

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