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The University of Texas at Austin

If you’re a high school student, you might take steps that will get you into UT Austin’s online community. You might register for an event or a campus visit, apply for admission or send us a test score (SAT or ACT, for example), just to name a few.

Doing any of these things will create an account and add you to our mailing list.

How the Mailing List Works

During your time in high school, we’ll contact you by mail and email with timely information to keep you on track as you prepare for college and when applying for admission (and honors programs, scholarships, housing, financial aid, etc.).

Ready to get on the mailing list?

Register now to create your Be a Longhorn account and get on our mailing list for high school students.

Updating Your Information

Once you have a Be a Longhorn account, you should check the accuracy of your profile information from time to time. If something changes (your mailing address or your e-mail address, for example), log in to update your profile.

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