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The University of Texas at Austin

Some Submission Details

MyStatus: What you need to submit

Log in to MyStatus to learn what items you need to submit to complete your application.

Preferred submission options and processing times

It takes much less time for us to receive and process items you submit online (our usual "preferred" submission option) than it does for items submitted in other ways (by mail, for example). It may take a couple of days for items you submit online to appear in MyStatus, but items you submit in paper form may take two or three weeks to show up, especially near the deadline.

When you submit items in the ways that we "prefer," you help us and yourself. You can avoid days of anxiety spent wondering where things are and why they aren't showing up in MyStatus. Items may not appear instantaneously, but items submitted through our preferred processes are definitely processed more quickly and show up more quickly in MyStatus than items we receive in paper form.

No SSNs on application items

Please do not upload/submit any application items (other than your ApplyTexas application itself) that display your Social Security Number. If your SSN is on something you're submitting, mark it out in black before submission.


Admissions Application

Preferred method: Online at ApplyTexas

Paper option

In rare cases it's necessary for someone to submit a paper application. If you must do so, visit College for All Texans to download a paper application.

Freshman scholarship applicants must submit their admissions application online.

Application Fee

Preferred method: Credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) through ApplyTexas (See below for information about fee waiver documentation.)

Other options (after submitting ApplyTexas application)

When not paying through ApplyTexas:

  • Preferred method: Pay by electronic check or credit card (American Express, Discover or MasterCard) through What I Owe.
  • Other options: Pay by check or money order; mail to the Office of Admissions.


Preferred method: Online at ApplyTexas

Submitting essays thru ApplyTexas after submitting your app

To submit essays through ApplyTexas after you've submitted your ApplyTexas app, log in to ApplyTexas; click the “My Essays” tab at the top of the page; follow the instructions on the site.

Freshman applicants cannot submit Essay S through ApplyTexas. See "Other submission options" for information about submitting Essay S.

Other submission options

Uploading your essays: All essays can be submitted through UT Austin's Document Upload System. This is the preferred submission method for Essay S, the freshman special circumstances essay.

Other submission option: Mail printed copies to the Office of Admissions.



High school transcripts (during application process)

Preferred methods:

Other options

College transcripts (during application process)

  • Upload copies: Upload a copy of an official transcript using UT Austin's Document Upload System. This option is available only to transfer students; freshman applicants may not use the Document Upload System for college transcripts.  
  • Mail printed official transcripts: To the Office of Admissions
  • Hand deliver printed official transcripts: To a UT Austin Office of Admissions location or representative
  • Electronic submission: Through the UT SPEEDE server (if available to college/university submitting the transcript)

Admitted students may not use upload for submitting final, official transcripts. Faxed and emailed transcripts are not acceptable.


Preferred method: Upload a copy of your resume using the Document Upload System. (required for transfer applicants; recommended for freshman applicants)

Other options

Mail your printed resume to the Office of Admissions.

Supplemental Information Form

Only method: Access the form through MyStatus

Test Scores

Only method: Electronic submission from the testing agency


Preferred method: Upload your recommendation(s) or send an email to your recommender(s) to submit them on your behalf through the Document Upload System
(not required for most freshman or transfer applicants)

Other options

Mail your printed recommendations to the Office of Admissions.

Fee Waiver Documentation

Preferred submission method: Upload the required application fee waiver documents through the Document Upload System. (for those with financial need)

Optional method

Mail the required application fee waiver documents to the Office of Admissions.

Permanent Resident Cards

Preferred method: Upload a copy of the front of your card using the Document Upload System. (required for freshman and transfer applicants who are U.S. permanent residents)

Other options and details

  • Mail a copy of the front of your permanent resident card to the Office of Admsisions

Miscellaneous Documents

Only method: Upload the following through the Document Upload System:

  • Class Rank Letter - A letter from your high school noting your class rank. You may choose to submit a class rank letter when no rank was included on a transcript you submitted or when you have an updated rank to report. 
  • High School ProfileA summation of your school's characteristics necessary to help us consider your academic achievement without an explicit rank for you. Students who will graduate from a non-ranking high school submit a high school profile. 
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Change Request - A letter, accompanied by a copy of your Social Security card, requesting that we update your SSN. 
  • Other Miscellaneous Admissions Documents - Copies of awards, certificates, newspaper clippings and other miscellaneous documents you'd like us to review in considering your application. 

Major Specific Items

Some majors require applicants to submit additional items or take other steps for admission consideration. For example, transfer applicants to architecture must submit a portfolio of their work.

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