Once you've been admitted to the university and applied for financial aid and university scholarships using the ApplyTexas Application for Freshman Scholarships, the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) will review your application to determine the types of aid (grants, scholarships, work-study and/or loans) for which you qualify. If you're admitted to the university, the following things will happen as the scholarship and financial aid process continues.

Steps in the scholarship process:

  • We'll notify you that we've received your scholarship application.
  • We'll notify you about scholarship awards.
  • You complete the steps needed to accept your scholarships.
  • You receive your scholarship funds.

Steps in the financial aid process:

  • We'll notify you by email that we've received your FAFSA information.
  • We'll review your FAFSA information.
  • We'll notify you of your award.
  • You respond to the FAN, submitting any additional required documentation.
  • You complete any additional program requirements.
  • You receive your funds (a few days before classes).

For financial aid questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Services.