As an admitted student, you have access to tools and resources to help get you Longhorn ready. Whether it’s finding the right major or making sure you’re ready for your first math class by taking an assessment test, we want you to be prepared when you arrive on campus.

Math and science assessments

To prepare for college-level math, all students who will take a math or statistics course are required to take a math assessment test. There is also a required chemistry assessment for students planning to enroll in CH 301. The assessments are used to determine the math, statistics and science courses in which you will have the greatest success.

More information about how to complete assessment testing will be sent to you in late January or early February.

Placement testing and college credit

Incoming freshmen are encouraged to take placement and exemption tests (especially for foreign languages) prior to orientation, if possible. You’ll register when you register for orientation, or you may contact Student Testing Services for more information.

If youre interested in claiming college credit, we encourage you to meet with an academic advisor who can help you make the best decision about if and when to do so.