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The University of Texas at Austin

For your transfer application to be complete, the following items must arrive in the Office of Admissions on or before the deadline. Print the Transfer Application Checklist (PDF – 354K).

 Summer / Fall Deadline: March 1

 Spring Deadline: October 1

Deadline on a weekend?

When the published deadline falls on a weekend, the ApplyTexas application remains open until midnight (Central time) on the following Monday.

More about the deadlines

Your complete application and all required documents must be in the Office of Admissions on the day of the deadline. (Mailing them or postmarking them by the deadline doesn’t count.)

You may submit your application as much as a year before the semester in which you’d like to enroll. The earlier you submit it, the more time you’ll have to make sure it’s complete before the deadline.

Application Requirements


Application processing fee (non-refundable)

Official college transcripts



  • Your resume should cover the previous five years of academic, extracurricular, community, and work activities and honors/awards

Major-specific Items

Optional item

  • Recommendations: Considered if submitted

Recommended item

  • High school transcript: Can be submitted along with your application for admission; not required for application completion but required before admitted students enroll to determine correct course placement

Additional Requirements for Some Applicants

High school transcript showing rank (if requesting automatic admission)

To be considered for automatic transfer admission, you must submit an official high school transcript showing your high school rank.

Residency affidavit (for international Texas residents)

If you are an international Texas resident who has established Texas residency (under HB 1403), you must submit a complete copy of the Residency Affidavit.

Review the information on the Residency site for details, and talk to a residency officer to work out any issues you might have.

Permanent resident card

If you hold a permanent resident visa, you must submit a photocopy of the front of your permanent resident card or temporary evidence of your I-551 in your passport before an admission decision will be made. You should mail the photocopy to the Office of Admissions, PO Box 8058, Austin, TX 78713.


Unless you have undertaken a significant amount of your college coursework in a country that is an English-speaking country, you may be required to submit a score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

A transfer applicant who meets any of the following conditions is usually exempted from this requirement:

  • Earned three years of United States high school English credit, excluding ESL courses.
  • Resided in the United States for ten years or more.
  • Earned a bachelor's degree at a United States institution of higher education.
  • Attended a United States institution of higher education immediately prior to enrollment at UT Austin.
  • Graduated from a United States high school.

During the application review process, applicants who appear to have an English deficiency will be notified and given specific instructions about the ways they can satisfy the deficiency. Although applicants are not required to satisfy this deficiency by the application deadline, their admission decision will not be rendered until the deficiency is satisfied.

TSI Assessment

The Texas Success Initiative may require you to take an assessment test before enrolling in courses; many students are exempt.

Items We Don't Require

Sometimes transfer applicants are surprised to learn that certain items aren’t required or considered as part of their application for admission:

Items Not Required

  • SAT/ACT scores: We use other indicators, such as an applicant’s success in transferable coursework, to indicate academic strength.
  • SAT II scores: If you're eligible for college credit based on SAT II (or other text) scores, you can submit if/when you're admitted.

After You Apply

After you submit your application, you should log in to MyStatus to find out details about what you need to do to complete the application process. And even after your application is complete, you should continue visit MyStatus to find out about other processes and to hear about your admissions decision.

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