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Summer transient students are undergraduates who are pursuing degrees at other U.S. colleges and universities and want to take a course or courses at UT Austin during a summer session without actually enrolling as a regular student. Summer transients usually take courses that transfer to the college or university in which they are enrolled, maybe while they’re home for the summer.

Here are some details about summer transient admission that you may need to consider before applying for admission:

Details about transient admission

  • Eligibility: To be eligible for transient admission, you must be pursuing a degree at another U.S. college or university. High school graduates who have not yet started their undergraduate studies elsewhere are not eligible for transient admission (even if they have taken college coursework while in high school).
  • International applicants: If you are an international student, you must be currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. institution of higher education to be eligible for transient admission to UT Austin.
  • Classification: If you apply as a summer transient student, you'll be classified as an undergraduate. You may enroll in graduate-level courses, if you qualify for the classes and you obtain the approval of the course instructor and the department's graduate advisor.
  • Not your first summer: If you were a transient student during a previous summer and you want to return for another summer, apply as a summer transient student.
  • Former Longhorn: However, if you are a former UT Austin student, you are not eligible to re-enter as a summer transient (even if you just want to attend for a summer); apply as a former student instead.
  • Change of status and using transient credit toward a degree: If you decide to apply as a regular student in the future, after being enrolled as a transient student, you'll still have to meet the same deadlines and admission standards as new transfer or graduate applicants. If you apply and are admitted as a regular student after you enroll as a transient, the credit you earned as a transient student will apply toward UT Austin undergraduate degrees - subject to the normal requirements. However, any graduate credit you earn as a transient will not count toward a UT Austin graduate degree.

How to Apply

When applying as a summer transient student, you must:

  1. Submit a completed ApplyTexas Application, or submit a complete Transient Admission Application (PDF) in place of the ApplyTexas Application. (Paper applications must be mailed or hand-delivered; faxed copies are not accepted.)
  2. Pay your $60 application fee by credit card or check (or request a fee exemption).

Your complete application and your fee must arrive in the Office of Admissions by May 1.

Once your application is on file, continue to check on its status through MyStatus until your application is complete.

Application Fee Waiver

Application fees may be waived on the basis of financial need. Visit the Submit Application Items page to find out how to request a fee waiver.

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