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The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas Tower overlooks the beautiful palm trees of the new Aquatic Complex.

You embrace a challenge. You're open to discovery. You want to change the world, for yourself and for others. And you're not afraid to admit it.

Consider, then, a place committed to innovative learning and research—an environment that encourages creativity, analysis and critical thinking while working to find solutions to real-world problems. Imagine yourself on a campus at the heart of a vibrant city that expands opportunities for learning—that is, when it's not paying it forward or keeping it weird. Become a part of a diverse community known around the world for its bold spirit of pride and competitiveness. Define your future as you realize you're free to question ideas, pursue long-held passions and explore new interests—to redefine what's possible.

Are you ready to get started? Because we can help you with that.

We're The University of Texas at Austin. What starts here changes the world.

In the words of our students…

Farzad Yousefi: "…one of the top universities in terms of academics and research..."

While UT Austin is one of the top universities in terms of academics and research and competes at a very high level with other highly ranked institutions, its campus life and out-of-classroom experience is life-changing and very unique. There are infinite opportunities on this campus to become a better person and make an impact in the community, while still having a good time.

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Olga Castro: "…a grand campus with so many opportunities and much diversity."

Along with its great location, the size of UT Austin played a major factor in my decision. It is a grand campus with so many opportunities and much diversity. This diversity created an environment that appealed to me. It is a wonderful experience to see so many different people, all united, wearing burnt orange, showing their pride at the UniversityofTexas!

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Perri Watts: "…professors that challenge you to think in whole new ways..."

I’ve never been surrounded by so many intelligent, creative people in my life. Everyone here has something of value to say and can offer you a whole new perspective. There are professors that challenge you to think in whole new ways, and students who can offer you insight to situations you’ve never gotten to experience.

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Zach Garber: "...learn how to differentiate themselves..."

From the very start, a student at UT Austin has to learn how to differentiate themselves from everyone else, both because of the level of competition and the sheer size of the university. The experience of differentiating oneself and figuring out one’s way as a citizen of UT Austin, of Austin, and of the world, really prepares students for going out and changing the world once they graduate.

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Jessica Schwartz: "…I fell in love with the pride the students had for their school."

I had always thought that I would attend a small private school in Southern California like my big sister. However, when I described to my high school counselor that I wanted a university with contagious school spirit, big sporting events and academic prestige, she immediately responded with, “You HAVE to apply to Texas!” I took her recommendation and when I was admitted, I eagerly came to visit. After walking around campus and meeting some students, I fell in love with the pride the students had for their school. I committed to UT Austin that night in my hotel room!

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