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The University of Texas at Austin

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The College of Pharmacy offers a rigorous and expansive professional curriculum preparing students to become progressive pharmacists. The College of Pharmacy is recognized nationally as one of the elite pharmacy programs for education and research. The most recent ranking by U.S. News and World Report places the College of Pharmacy program among the top five of the more than 100 pharmacy programs in the country.

See information about the degree plans and coursework requirements for pre-pharmacy.

Opportunities for graduate studies are also available at both the Master’s and Doctorate level while advanced professional training is offered through residencies and fellowships. Additionally, the college’s state-wide internship program affords a wealth of diverse educational opportunities to students in progressive pharmacy practice sites throughout Texas.

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Opportunities & Resources

Longhorn Pre-Pharmacy Association

Undergraduate students who are studying pre-pharmacy or are interested in pre-pharmacy at the university are strongly encouraged to participate in the Longhorn Pre-Pharmacy Association.

Other organizations

Students are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in professional organizations, which provide programs and activities to assist their members in achieving practice excellence and professional growth.

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

Professional pharmacists do more than just fill prescriptions at the corner drugstore. There are a variety of career pathways available to pharmacist practitioners.

Financial Aid

Interested in applying for financial aid or scholarships? We can help.

Online Pharmacy Magazine

Longhorn Pharmacy Focus magazine logo

Online Magazine: Longhorn Pharmacy Focus is published three times each year and is designed to keep target readers informed concerning college news and activities.

Special Application Requirements

In addition to completing an application for admission, prospective pharmacy students should also learn about special application and program requirements for the PharmD Program, freshman pharmacy applicants, and transfer pharmacy applicants.

Applying to Pharmacy

Looking for information about the majors offered by the University of Texas at Austin? Visit the Colleges, Schools, and Majors page for a list of freshman majors.

Think you’re ready to select a pharmacy program as your major choice? Learn about applying for freshman admission or transfer admission.

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