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The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is home to Longhorns exploring majors. The school also serves the entire undergraduate population by overseeing the undergraduate core curriculum and offering strategic advising, career counseling, interdisciplinary learning opportunities and programs for first-year students. 

Students enrolled in UGS explore all the university has to offer before selecting an academic path. While completing core coursework applicable to all degrees, students work with advisors and career counselors to identify interests and goals before declaring a major in a degree-granting college or school. Students can spend up to four long semesters (fall or spring) in UGS. 

Core Curriculum

UGS oversees the 42-credit-hour core curriculum required for all undergraduate degrees. The core requirements allow students to put their major coursework into a broader intellectual context and understand how other disciplines raise and answer important questions.

Each student takes a Signature Course during his or her first year on campus. These rigorous interdisciplinary courses connect students with top-level faculty and help students transition to college-level academic expectations.

Students also gain experience in writing, quantitative reasoning, global cultures, cultural diversity, ethics and leadership, and independent inquiry by completing core, major, and elective courses carrying flags in the aforementioned areas.

Find out more about the university’s undergraduate core curriculum.

Programs to Enhance Education

UGS oversees the following programs—all of which enhance learning experiences for undergraduate students by expanding learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom.

Undergraduate Studies Programs

360 Connections

Each fall, every incoming first-year student can join a group of peers that meet regularly and make a large campus feel like home. 360 Connections bring Longhorn life full-circle, as students adjust to campus and discover all the university has to offer.

Archer Fellowship Program

Students accepted to the Archer Fellowship Program intern in Washington, D.C., while earning 12 hours of upper-division credit in government and communication studies. Past internship placements include the White House, the World Bank, National Public Radio and the National Council of La Raza.

Bridging Disciplines Programs

Through the Bridging Disciplines Programs, students supplement their degrees with interdisciplinary certificates in 12 content areas that integrate classroom, research and internship experiences. 

James W. Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling

In the Vick Center, academic advisors work with students enrolled in UGS and students across campus unsure of their major to identify interests, set goals, and find suitable academic paths through the university. Career counselors help undergraduate and graduate students explore possible careers. 

Discovery Scholars

The Discovery Scholars Program serves a select group of students enrolled in the School of Undergraduate Studies. Specialized advisors guide students through the transition from high school to college and offer support as they select majors and work to achieve academic goals. 

First-year Interest Groups

In a First-year Interest Group (FIG), 18-25 freshmen take two to four courses together and support each other as they adjust to campus life and college-level academics. Students sign up for FIGs during freshman orientation.  

Freshman Reading Round-Up

At the Freshman Reading Round-Up, incoming students discuss summer reading recommended by distinguished faculty in small book clubs across campus with others who selected the same book the day before fall classes begin. 

Sanger Learning Center

Learning specialists, tutors, peer academic coaches, and course-specific support programs in the Sanger Learning Center help students develop strong study skills and excel in challenging courses.  

Signature Courses

Signature Courses are rigorous interdisciplinary courses that connect first-year students with top faculty and help students transition to college-level writing and academic expectations. Signature Courses are offered in a seminar format with 18 or fewer students as well as in a large, lecture format.

Undergraduate Research

Every undergraduate at UT Austin can partner with a faculty member and take part in diverse, groundbreaking research. The Office of Undergraduate Research offers advising and course credit for students. Search Eureka! to view currently faculty research projects.

University Honors Center

The University Honors Center offers enrichment programs for undergraduate honors students and supports the campus activities of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma, national honor societies for first-year students.


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