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The University of Texas at Austin

Where can you go to find other students who like to do what you do?

Try our 900 campus clubs, organizations, societies, and groups.

Our students run organizations from every affiliation, orientation, and philosophy under the sun. As a Longhorn student, you can choose from 11 types of clubs:

  • Educational/Departmental - academic areas; opportunities for trips, business meetings and social activities
  • Honorary Societies - recognize academic achievement
  • International/Cultural - foster cultural diversity and support for members and the community
  • Political - support parties, issues and/or candidates seeking office
  • Professional - preview future careers; group activities include speakers, field trips, and volunteer or field work
  • Recreational - promote sports-oriented programs and/or recreational activities
  • Religious - support for students of a particular religious affiliation or denomination
  • Service – organize volunteer opportunities on and off-campus
  • Social - foster social networks and create a community among members
  • Special Interest - focus on a specific issue or topic of interest
  • Student Governance - express student views and needs; includes Student Government, school and college councils, and residence hall advisory committees

Check out our complete list of student organizations or search for a specific organization to learn more about what UT Austin students are into.

Student Activities

Student Activities helps student groups get started, find funding, plan activities, recruit members and succeed at their organizational goals.

Students can find volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer and Service Learning Center.

Starting Your Own Organization

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Think you have a unique idea for a new organization?

You can start your own campus organization when you arrive as a student. All you’ll need are two friends and $10 to get started.

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