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The University of Texas at Austin

Whether you want to be heard or you want to hear what others have to say, the University of Texas at Austin offers a variety of outlets that make communicating information and ideas easier.

Student Publications and Media

Daily Texan logo

Student publications and media at UT Austin offer a variety of formats for communicating with the university community. Texas Student Media publishes The Daily Texan student newspaper five days a week. The Texan has won more national, regional and state awards than any other student newspaper and is among the nation's leading college newspapers. The newspaper counts among its alumni winners of 10 Pulitzer Prizes.

Cactus Yearbook logo

Texas Student Media also produces the Cactus yearbook for the university, the Official Directory, and Texas Travesty humor magazine. The Official Directory is distributed without charge at several locations on campus.

TSM also operates KVRX student radio and TSTV (Texas Student TV), the only student-operated television station in the country. The Cactus, KVR, and TSTV have won top national student media honors in recent years.

Student Government

Student Government logo

Students who want their voices heard often become involved in Student Government. Although every enrolled student is a member of Student Government, official actions are carried out by the executive branch, the Student Assembly, and the judicial branch.

Any student may join a committee and work on projects, which cover a wide range of issues. Elections for president, vice president, and members of the Student Assembly are held each spring.

Senate of College Councils

Senate of College Councils

The Senate of College Councils is the official voice for students in academic affairs and serves as the coordinating body for the individual college councils, which are composed of student leaders enrolled in the university's undergraduate and graduate colleges and schools.

The Senate's mission is to foster a sense of community by creating awareness and pride in the academic strength of the university, and ensuring that The University of Texas at Austin is and remains a "university of the first class."

The West Mall

Find out what’s happening on the West Mall this week!

No it isn’t a place to shop, unless you’re shopping for ideas or opportunities. The West Mall is actually an area of campus near the Main Building and the Flawn Academic Center.

Around noon on busy days the West Mall teems with displays, information sharing, and rallies. Swarms of students extol the virtues of their causes, display their cultural talents through music and dance, and hand out flyers and information about volunteer activities.

During the spring, the West Mall becomes the place for politics as Student Government candidates share their platforms and ask for votes.

The West Mall can become the spot for heated debates as competing ideas meet. Sometimes students set up displays about issues that make a difference to people around the globe. You may see a student dressed as a human heart walking around asking for support for the American Heart Association or others dressed as houses asking for support for Habitat for Humanity.

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